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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Knowing my personal strengths and weaknesses is a very important step to improving myself. It will help me to define the areas in which I need to work on most. Many people feel that working on their weaknesses will be enough, but to really improve myself, I must be prepared to work on my strengths also. Achieving my life’s goals will be greatly enhanced by knowing what my strengths and weaknesses really are and being able to improve them by improving myself.

My strengths that contribute to my job include computer and accounting skills, management skills, and being conscientious about my work. I am not bragging, but my computer and accounting skills are excellent. I have been doing accounting for more than 20 years and working with computers for more than 10. My management skills allow me to work on my own without having someone watch over my shoulder. Of course, that makes it easier to work since being watched makes me nervous. Being conscientious about my work, I double check everything I do so that the work I turn in will have as few mistakes as possible. This gives me pride in my work which also helps with my self esteem.

Strengths I bring to my learning team include leadership skills, organizational skills, and being a team player. With my leadership skills, I can pull the team together and point them in the direction we need to go. I can also help my team mates when they are having trouble. I can schedule meetings and assign work with my organizational s

kills. This helps the team in knowing what is expected of them and what they can expect of me. Being

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a team player means I will be there for my team and do what it takes to see that the team succeeds in reaching its goals. If one part of the team fails, the whole team fails.

In my personal life, my strengths include being tenacious, understanding, and optimistic. Being tenacious, I do not give up easily which helps me to set my goals and complete them. It is too easy to give in and one will gain nothing by doing so. Understanding the world around me helps to create a better environment for my family, co-workers and team mates. Being an optimistic person helps to keep away the negative thoughts that can sabotage my life’s goals. I feel happier and more in control by concentrating on what is good in life.

The areas in which I need to improve myself more are impatience, time-management, and focusing on that task at hand. My impatience will often bring me trouble and cause more problems than need be. I tend to rush towards my goals often making mistakes along the way. My people skills also suffer from my impatience which can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Better time-management skills will allow me to accomplish more of what I set out to do. I can spend more time with my family, turn in better work, and it can even relieve the stress of meeting my deadlines. Not focusing or my tendency to be easily distracted makes it difficult to complete any task in a thorough manner. It can also make my work disjointed and difficult to follow.

Using a planner, I can create a life plan to establish a pattern of behavior and track my strengths and weaknesses. I can create small tasks for me to complete that will help me with my impatience by establishing a timeline for me to follow. I can also use this planner to create a schedule which will help me with time management. Prioritizing my tasks and assignments will help me to focus on what needs to be done and allow me to complete my work on time.

While I know that I am not perfect, nor am I trying to be, I believe I can make some changes to better myself. Creating a life plan using the planner, defining the attributes I need to work on, and making the effort to do so are just some of the ways to improve myself. With determination, commitment, and a desire to change, I know I can achieve any goal I set for myself.

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