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1.1 Personalisation starts with the person and the individual circumstances rather than the service. This means that choices offered must not be limited to what the service decides to provide. personalisation is giving people who use social care support services a choice and control over how, when and by whom their support service is delivered by .(ref H&S care book) 1.2 It is giving control back to the person that is needing the support and letting them know they don’t just have to go along with what everyone else is saying. It’s about freedom of choice. 1.3 The individual get their rights from legislation, human rights and equality right. Under this legislation the individual have the right to make their own choices i.e social activities, intellectual activities, spiritual, personal care, specialty activities, creative activities, physical activities. 1.4 The white paper2007

The white paper 2010
The mental capacity act 2005
Code of practice for social care workers 2004
Common assessment framework for adults 2010
Putting people first 2007
Living well with dementia a national dementia strategy 2009
Guidance on eligibility criteria for adult social care 2010. 2.1 List local and national systems that are designed to support personalistion Putting people first
The white paper
The individual budget.

2.3 Direct payments are cash payments given to the service user in lieu of community care services. They have been assessed as needing and are intended to give users greater choice in their care. The payments must be sufficient to enable the service user to purchase service to meet their eligible needs. Personal budgets are an allocation of funding given to users after an assessment which should be sufficient to meet their assessed needs. Users can either take their personal budget as a direct payment or while still choosing how their care needs are met and by whom- leave councils with the responsibility to commission the service or they can have a combination

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