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A Self-Assessment Essay Essay Sample

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A Self-Assessment Essay Essay Sample

As a non-native English speaker student, I have gone through a very tough time at first. Surrounded by unfamiliar environment and people that are very different from me in appearance. In a specific long period, I felt nervous, even awkward when talking to someone else. I found myself accustomed to assessing others into different “groups” with varying personalities; it helps me get along with different characters.

Until today, when I am doing the inventory checklist assignment, I found it’s a more challenging task to conduct the self-assessment. Every description on the list seems to give me a brand-new idea of myself: am I this kind of person or not. Which let me move forward firmer and more confident.

While conducting my self-assessment, I would like to first talk about the skills and abilities I have already developed and which I believe to be very important for my career. One of it is improving.

I achieve my first part-time job in a restaurant during my very first year in the U.S. When I started working; I was determined to contribute to my post entirely and volunteered to take most of the incoming phone call orders. Then the language barrier began to present itself as I had a hard time articulating my responses and often confused the other side of the phone.

That was the time I recognized it is necessary to improve my ability to communicate in English drastically. I have tried to practice the greeting words in slow speed again and again; recite every dish accurately; talk to the mirror to build self-confident. After all the exercises insisted on improving my service skill brings me the affirmation from senior colleagues. Another one of the powers in computing.

As the generation born in an Electronic Age, the ability of computing is essential to keep up with the world. I can tell that my computing enlightenment was from my father.

I owned my personal computer at very early ages, my father as an Information Technology person; he encouraged me to explore the electronic world from assembling computers to operating variety software. I can get familiar with a brand-new software quickly and deal with the troubles appear during operation independently.

In this advancing time, both the socio-economic environment and the needs of information users are undergoing profound changes. Accounting as well. One of the changes is reflected in the aspect of accounting computerization.

Accounting techniques and methods are updated continuously, accounting computerization has replaced or is replacing manual accounting, let real-time reporting became possible. Therefore, we can have a clue that the abilities to keep up with new technology and continuously improve professionalism are essential.

Second, I have listed five most critical personal values for myself: Fulfillment; Security; Respect; Balance and Family. The satisfaction and happiness as a result of fully developing my career ability will be the top one on my list. Immediately after fulfillment, I have a desire for a comfortable, safety job and mutually respectful relationships among colleagues.

Last but not least, to achieve the balance between physical and spiritual, work and family life.

Eventually, I would like to mention two of the personalities I have.


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