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Being able to read and understand a person’s personality is helpful when managing employees. You will be able to read a person’s personality and cognitive abilities to be able to help achieve goals and deal with areas that need to be worked on. Extraversion or positive affectivity is a trait that predisposes individuals to experience positive emotional state and feel good about themselves. (Jennifer M. George, 2012) People who are high on the extraversion scale are sociable, affectionate, and friendly. On the other end people who are low on the extraversion scale have fewer social interactions. When a manager can read a person based on the extraversion scale, you can minimize problems by giving them more of the work that can be done alone. Extroverts can be more effective completing job functions that require a lot of social interaction. My quiz results for the extraversion scale is just as I had expected. I score a six, which is in the middle but a notch above the middle. I am a social person and like to be around groups of people, but too much and for a long period I start getting anxious. Negative affectivity shows people’s negative emotions.

People high in negative affectivity look at themselves and the world around them negatively. People who are low on neuroticism do not have negative emotions and are not as critical of themselves. I scored a two on the neuroticism scale. I am a person that what you see is what you get. I tend to look at the positive aspects of everything and build on that. There are different types of cognitive ability. By taking a test to see the different types of cognitive ability people have, you can solve work-related problems or acquire new job knowledge. (U.S. Office of Personnel Management) The three types of cognitive ability that pertain to me the most are Reasoning ability, Deductive ability, and Ability to see relationships. With the Reasoning ability, I am able to find solutions for problems. Knowing this makes me think this is the reason I like puzzles games so much. With the Deductive ability, I can reach conclusions from observations. I am a quite person because I like to take in information from my senses to help me draw conclusions and make observations, mainly because I don’t want to say or do the wrong thing.

Knowing that my cognitive ability is low in other areas makes me want to challenge myself to work on the areas such as ability to remember, numerical, or verbal ability. By working on weaknesses, it will increase my job performance and help me to be a better overall person. I can work on memory exercises to help with retaining information in fast meetings. I can work on math skills to give me an edge and help when needed in accounting. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses will help me to showcase my talents and challenge me to be mindful of my weakness and not let that show in my job performance. When a person can determine his or her personality and cognitive abilities, they can adjust the way they work to improve job performance and stay emotionally balanced.


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