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1. Understand the meaning on personalisation in social care

1.1 Define the term ‘personalisation’ as it applies in social care.

Personalisation is delivered and catered to the needs of each individual. It is a social care approach, so that every person who receives support will have their own choice and control in the care they receive in all settings,

1.2. Explain how personalisation can benefit individuals.

Personalisation has significant implications for a service user, when providing a personalised service it will involve putting together a care plan which will ideally improves aspects of care. You must take into consideration the needs of significant individuals and carers in the service user’s life. It should entail a care framework, possible ways of promoting independence, it should provide for preventative and crisis management which will reduce delays in the delivery of care.

1.3 Explain the relationship between rights, choice and personalisation.

Rights are something that you have by being in a country that holds certain laws which define what you are entitled to no matter what. A choice is something our service user is entitled too when presented with more then one option. Personalization is a social care approach described by the department of health that every service user that receives this support will have the ability to control and shape their support in all care settings.

1.4 identify legislation and other national policy documents that promote personalisation

the health and social care act
essential standards
disability discrimination act
the human rights act 1988

2. understand systems that support personalisation

2.1 list local and national systems that are designed to support personalisation discussion

2.2 describe the impact that personalisation has on the process of commissioning social care

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