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In human resource agencies, managers and CEO’s have the opportunity to design a systemic organization through structure, information and data, and implementing a plan that allows human resource to follow in order to achieve excellence. For successful human resource planning management must focus on basic questions, have a time frame, processing, analysis, and report. Nonetheless, there are certain steps an organization should consider before developing a personnel profile. “A useful framework for projecting personnel needs is a matrix that presents a profile of job expectations and qualifications. Within the matrix, each position from top administrator through entry-level support staff is included. Each position must then be examined first in terms of job expectations” (Allyn and Bacon, pg. 235). Other approaches towards successfully planning a personnel profile plan include organizational structure, job design, and the motivation and reward system. These are just a few to name that are utilized to promote the expected personnel profile.

Ultimately, there are four proper steps that an organization can consider before conducting a personnel profile. “The steps include, 1. Project personnel needs in accordance with strategic goals and objectives. 2. Develop a plan for achieving the desired personnel profile. 3. Implement the changes necessary to achieve the plan’s goals and objectives. 4. Monitor and evaluate the effects of changes as they are implemented” (Allyn and Bacon, pg. 234). Project personnel needs in accordance with strategic goals and objectives solely focusses on job goals and expectations. Some employers and employees may question, “What are the minimum requirements for successfully completing a job within the organization?” Developing a plan for achieving the desired personnel profile merely concentrates on, “The first resort is often to think only in terms of turnover within the agency and recruitment and hiring from outside.

This, however, is only one of many options” (Allyn and Bacon, pg. 238). Implementing the changes necessary to achieve the plan’s goals and objectives would consider the idea of focusing on future employment of people with the matching characteristics that can aid a company in achieving demographic and skill variety and will add to the achievement of strategic and long-term goals and objectives. Lastly, monitoring and evaluating the effects of changes as they implemented is solely an objective that allows an organization to determine whether certain changes made to an organization had a positive or negative effect within the company. This can help human resources improve or say consistent with their progress.


Kettner, Peter M. Achieving Excellence in the Management of Human Service Organizations. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2002. Print.

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