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There is a lot of speculation on who was truly behind what happened on September 11, 2001. On this date one of America’s greatest tragedies occurred. About three thousand people were killed, with a total of six thousand injured. Four planes were hijacked; two of them struck the Twin towers in New York city, one stuck the Pentagon in Arlington Virginia just outside Washington D.C., and a fourth one crashed in Pennsylvania, the intended destination of that plane is unknown. What happened on this day completely changed the world eternally.

People have said that a terrorist group called Al-Qaeda is responsible for this attack. The United States citizens have been told to accept that there were 19 hijackers from Al-Qaeda who hijacked four United States commercial jets, and with determination crashed them into The Twin Towers, and The Pentagon. After the attack happened, the United States responded with launching “The War on Terror” and invaded Afghanistan to eliminate Al-Qaeda and its leader in charge of the attack which was Osama Bin Ladin.

Another perspective this attack has been challenged by some citizens of the United States accusing the U.S. government of planning this attack on its own people. CNN reporters have said they’ve interviewed people who were inside the building before the attacks. These people have claimed that they heard a large bang coming from the basement of the trade center about ten seconds before the actual plane hit the building. There are also conspiracies that the pentagon building was struck by a missile because the impact holes in the pentagon were much smaller than a commercial American Airlines plane. They also question why the plane was not shot down prior to impact, as well as why the plane impacted into a section of the Pentagon that was vacant due to renovations. U.S officials were instructed to find all cameras which could have caught image of the attack on the pentagon and to seize all videos recordings of the plane crash.

September Eleven 2001 is a date that changed this country and affected many people around the world. Many innocent people were killed during these attacks and during the war on terror. This Event will color how the United States will interact with the global community for years to come. This is by far the worst terrorist attack on American soil and yet the question still remains as who is truly responsible for the September 11 attacks. The would will never know.

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