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Exercise gives people the ability to have more self-esteem, self-worth, and a higher level of confidence. Brisk walking for one hour a day for five days a week burns about two-thousand calories a week. Although those perfect looking bodies that our society shrives for are only reached with extreme dedication, simple daily exercise is guaranteed to increase self confidence. Strong muscles also help protect you from injuries when you exercise, because they give better support to your joints. A common misconception is that as we get older, it is normal to stop being active and to start using ambulatory aides like canes and wheelchairs. When you begin achieving great results, the excitement and fun you experience will make the change well worth the effort. That’s because when you exercise, your body can release endorphins, chemicals that create a happy feeling in your brain.

While the majority of fitness research efforts focus on the physical and health benefits of exercise, there is a growing body of work demonstrating that exercise promotes wellness and mental health. Plus, when you’re breathing deeply during exercise and bringing more air into your lungs, your brain appreciates the extra oxygen. Most kids are pretty flexible, but as people get older they tend to lose their flexibility. Our muscles also function as shock absorbers and serve as important balancing agents throughout our body. To be most effective in weight loss, exercise should last at least forty-five minutes. These chemicals released by the brain are the body’s natural painkillers and can lead to an increase in feelings of happiness. All the muscles in your body do a fine job when you use them for easy things, like picking up a book or walking down the stairs.

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