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The headache that graft and corruption is causing right now had already been a decade. It’s horrible images and features are already overpowering the constancy of our country’s economic growth. Bribery, cronyism, favoritism, kickbacks and vote buying? These deeds symbolize selfishness and dark power that we want to attain just for ourselves. The purpose of this research is to determine why did this stench start? How can this be ended? What will be the effects to the society? Our research’s main objective is to answer all these questions and to persuade the readers that this is not only choice for the want of power, comfort and money. In this research, the evidences that will be cited here will surely be our proven sources.

First, the Marcos regime which has been describe as a government portrayed by out of control greed and corruption, factually “ruled by thieves”. The misuse of public money for private gain by the Marcos regime has been a very extravagant challenge to national development in our country, Philippines. As said by the Deputy Presidential Spokesman Gary Olivar (2008) he explicates corruption as “an old, old, problem in our culture and not just institutions, which extends to our political and civic lives”. It only explains that each individual in our country are sick of the government’s management.

Second is the period in office of former President Joseph Estrada. Back in October 2001, Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson, a previous friend and close partner of the former president, open up that the former president generally accepted approximately P500 million from cutout taxes and jueteng kickbacks from Ilocos region. Dishonesty for personal gain lays the blame on in opposition to the former president which leads him into impeachment. A comment from Peter Wallace of the Wallace Business Forum (2005) said “We must put in jail those big bribers and corrupt. It is no good if they just are just putting in jail someone from the opposition as it can be viewed as political vendetta”. It describes that this crime that the former president did is really bad since using a very big amount of public funds or even a little one is a very big offense and it also harm’s everyone’s living.

The last and the most popular issues in the challenges to national development in the Philippines is the administration of one of the former president in our country, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Back in mid-October 2012, police arrested her and delayed in process her in a hospital for corruption charges. The Philippine anti-graft commanded her arrest for supposedly maltreating $8.8 million in national lottery funds during her last years in office. She also got arrested for the crime of electoral sabotage. There are still many crimes that former president Gloria Arroyo commit and it is truly a big disappointment and problem to every citizens in our country. The result of these issues has forced us to pay higher taxes due to the faults of those who corrupted and all debts was charged to us. A lot of individuals were bribed to vote for candidates that doesn’t deserve the place where people should trust their money into. What confuses us is that why the public continues to vote candidates that already corrupted in their past and was arrested, everyone is to blame, but is there any candidate that deserves this position to rule?

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