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The Philippine National Police is the country’s civilian national police and the result of merged group of the Philippine Constabulary and the Integrated National Police that was activated on January 29, 1991. Its main headquarters are based at Camp Crame in Quezon City with a manpower of 140, 000. Its main functions involve:

•Law Enforcement
•Maintaining peace and order
•Prevents and investigates crime
•Apprehend law breakers
•Exercise the vested powers from the Philippine Constitution and pertinent laws.
•Detain an arrested person for a period not beyond what is prescribed by law.

•Implements pertinent laws and regulations on firearms and explosives control. •Supervise and control the training and operations of security agencies. The Philippine National Police has a standard operational procedure in response to the different criminal activity done. All police units and personnel are required to comply on these procedures. Such standards must be adhered in order to achieve and ensure safety and welfare of the civilian people. With today’s advance communication, the Philippine National Police takes hold to whatever communication tool they can get in order to execute a fast and efficient response against the call of a civilian in distress. With the availability of such advance tool, a unit sometimes fails to response quickly to the heed of distress due to some factors.

Why we pursue the Topic
Over the years, the Philippine National Police went through a lot of issues related about their effectiveness where they failed to response to the different life-threatening cases. Since the PNP stands as the national force of the country, standard procedures should be implemented in every action the make. We would like to know more about their information systems and the factors that hinders the efficiency The study aims to:

•Know how the flow of information spreads from citizen to any police department. •Learn and understand more about how a unit responds to the call of distress •Learn more about the proper procedure of how the unit documents a crime •Learn more about the job of each of the officers in a particular headquarter •Cite the factors that affect the execution of the procedures. •Recommend a method to increase their effectiveness.

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