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Philippines and Jose Rizal Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

This movie is a 1998 Filipino biographical film of the Philippine national hero José Rizal directed by Marilou Diaz-Abaya and starring Cesar Montano as José Rizal. Dr.Jose Rizal, our National Hero was a noble person. The movie was saying what was the real meaning of “Patriotism” that was being instilled in every Filipino’s mind. The movie focuses on the condition of the society and also to the government at the time of the Spanish Colonization. With the use of the novels, “Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo” written by himself the Filipinos have been awaken to the reality such as the abusive ways of the Spaniards towards the Filipino people. It really gave the picture of abusing and oppression of the Spanish Government and also the Friars. Because of that, Dr. Jose Rizal finally realized that writing was the best way on how to awake the hearts of these poor Filipino and that the start of the climax, the start of fighting.Rizal didn’t really stay being blind,mute and deaf in fighting the condition of the Filipino. He also criticized the Friars in using the religion for abusing the people.The movie had successfully showed some of the characteristics of the Filipino like being brave and Patriotism especially at the time of Rizal. But lastly, the most important for him was to give his country the freedom and justice until the end of his life.

The movie pertains the life of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Describing his youthful life, his studies, his life when he was endeavoring in the other country, his journey, his life when he was in Dapitan and finally his life when death was approaching to him.

The focus of the camera is very clear and

it helps the scene to be seen truly. The pictures on the movie is clear. Obviously, the actions and

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on how the actors and actresses move is very truthful in the eyes of the viewers. the setting like mountains or hills, the farms and the surrounding are also clear. They also carefully used the technologies in order to give more of the quality of the movie.

The Jose Rizal movie is considered as an Obra Maestra directed by a Veteran Director named Marilou Diaz- Abaya. She is really a daughter of an art and this movie proved that. Her ways are very effective in giving the real happenings in the life of Dr. Jose Rizal. the movie was being portrayed clear and the viewers would really believed that it was really as it was before from the setting, actors and actresses and also the time.

Flashback.We can really see from its whole movie because the story started at the jail. This happened when his death was approaching. He talked to Atty. Jose Taviel de Andrade. He narrated his life from being a child until being a grown-up man. He also narrated his love for the country until to his death. The story primarily focuses on the life of Rizal as a good son, respectful and intelligent student and a true gentleman. It focuses also to his works in arts but not in every woman who got involved to him.Obviously, the role of the women before was they dont have major role in speaking but on the action that’s very essential in delivering the message. Lastly, we can see here also the works of Jose Rizal such as the two novels mentioned above.

Mr. Cesar Montano, the primary actor is a great actor. Even in speaking spanish and how to forge the handwritten of Jose Rizal and these help the movie to be effective. The supporting actors and actresses are also great in giving their roles,portraying it right and the message is effective.

I can really recommend this to all viewers because there are a lot of values that can we get from the movie even if it has violence.

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Madilyn Adams CaresusaAgosto 7, 2012 02:43
This is a good review. U’v critiqued every part of it from the synopsis, theme up to the recommendation. I just hope this is not a copy paste output. But I suggest u develop it into a paragraph style to let the ideas flow simultaneously.


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