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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Having empathy is a very useful tool in the health care industry. Throughout my career as an occupational therapist assistant and physiotherapist assistant I will encounter clients, supervisors and colleagues with different thoughts, personality traits, beliefs, opinions and religious backgrounds. I will always regard others thoughts, feelings and beliefs when treating or working with them as I would expect the same courtesy in return.

I believe that a patient should be included in any conversations that involve them, unless it is not in their best interest. I believe it is offensive for a patient to hear a conversation about them in which they are not included. As an OTA and PTA it is my duty to address any changes in condition with the therapist in a private setting and then fill the patient in on the details when given permission to do so. This will help put the patient at ease if they are included in the conversation.

I believe that when working with my supervisor it is important to show respect and professionalism. If a situation should arise where I felt that my supervisor was not performing a treatment safely I would approach my supervisor in private and discuss my concerns with what I witnessed. I would like my supervisor to discuss any concerns they have with work I am performing in a private and calm manner and therefore I will always maintain professionalism and respect touchy issues with privacy when interacting with supervisors.

I believe that when working with colleagues I have a great opportunity to share learning experiences and knowledge. If a colleague had a question to ask me regarding a clients treatment program I believe it is important to answer the question to the best of my ability or find other sources to answer the question. I believe it is important to work together to treat clients and to share my knowledge with other colleagues in order to provide clients with optimal care and expand my knowledge base. I will always do my best to answer any questions my colleagues may have and not judge them for not knowing something that I may, but rather use my knowledge to teach them and share ideas.

I believe that when working with a heavy caseload it is important to remain objective in my treatment and not feel pressured to work through it too quickly as this leaves room for error and can lead to clients feeling like they are not being treated adequately. I will prioritize my time and multi-task when needed always ensuring that I am available to answer any questions my clients may have and be there for assistance when they need it. I would hate to feel ignored by my health care worker in a rehabilitation centre and therefore I will always make sure that I provide a high standard of treatment and tend to each member of my caseload with compassion and encouragement rather than rush to meet deadlines.

I may come across patients who do not speak my language. Language barriers can be frustrating however there are other ways to get the message across. As an OTA or PTA in this position I would make an effort to learn key words in my patients’ language and be patient with them. I would speak in a gentle manner towards them as although they may not understand what is being said they will recognize the tone of voice. It is not an easy situation for the OTA and PTA or patient and I would work hard to make sure that I can help put the patient at ease.

It is important when working in the health care field to be compassionate and caring and to leave any judgements at the door. It is our job to help people in need of our services and I believe it is extremely important to be professional and thoughtful while providing care. It is also important to treat coworkers and supervisors with respect and dignity as we are part of a team and all rely on one another. I would not be satisfied with myself if I treated a patient or fellow staff member in a manner which I myself would find unacceptable. I make it my mission to be empathetic to my patients and respectful to my coworkers and do unto them as I would have done unto me.

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