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Phone Essays


Design Section

Information Requirements I will need different types of information about this product such as what phone model it is, Colour, Details (If it has Bluetooth and internet) and price. I shall also need to find different specification etc – Colour.

Hazards of Mobile Phones

INTRODUCTION 1.Global System Mobile (GSM) phones have brought a rapid revolution in the field of communication and altered our way of life to an unimaginable degree. Anytime some old member of a family applies tales regarding prior modes of communication

Evolution of Cell Phone Technology

Technology for communicating is something that has been advancing increasingly more rapidly for the past 17 years. The idea of a wireless, mobile phone once seemed impossible, but is something that is crucial in society’s everyday life. Cell phones have

A mobile or cell (ular) (tele) phone

A mobile or cell (ular) (tele) phone is a long-range, portable electronic device for personal telecommunications over long distances. INTRODUCTION: Various factors affect a mobiles relationship with a human being its negative affects health wise paramount have been the prime

Cell Phone Development in Uganda and India

Introduction Cell phone is one of the recent technologies that have revolution the world in all its aspects. Cell phone remains one of the key areas in ICT that has remained innovative and which has promised growth in the future.

The Sociological Perspectives Of Cellular Phones

Cellular phones are currently a common sight among individuals. This electronic gadget provides a mobile means of communication among people, bypassing the requirement of using a telephonic device that is connected to a telephone line, of which in turn originates

CDMA versus TDMA

Introduction: In today’s world cell phone have become the single greatest tool in day today life. It has become a necessity that business associates should be able to communicate on the go. That’s why it has become so important to

World Phone Hacking Scandal

In March of 2002, Milly Dowler, a 13 year old student, was abducted and later murdered. From the time of the abduction until her body was found in September of that year, her family and friends had maintained hope through

The Effect of Radiation on Cell Phone Users

            Worldwide there is a major expansion of cell phone use. The accepted specific absorption rates (SAR) are specified in the phone manuals and are meant to conform to world health standards and should not cause any harm to the

Phone Marketing and the Ethical Issues

Telemarking has been around since the 1960’s, but became popular in the 1970’s, due to the unexpected results in new sales, voting advertisement, and everyday business transaction service communications. A caucus (n.d.), according to the Columbia Encyclopedia, the definition, the

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