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Photography Essays


10 Questions to Ask When Taking a Digital Photo

Telling story with photographs: It is really important to know the story behind a picture. A photograph has the ability to convey emotions, mood, story, ideas and messages. These are the elements that make a story of the image. The

Sudan Famine

This picture shows the Sudan Famine. It is one of the Pulitzer Prize winner in 1994. In the picture you can see a famine afflicted child who crawls towards the food camp of United Nations located a few meters away.

Objectivity In Photography

We should always be focused in any aspect of life activity that we do.  To achieve better results in the activity being done, one should intentionally actively participate fully with an objective.  For instance a documentary photographer should be objective

Forensic Photography

The advent of digital has seen the near demise of film in popular photography. With its instant results and ease of getting images into the computer and onto the internet, digital simply offers a lot more flexibility and ease of

Digital Photography

Over the past ten years, more and more photographers both professional and casual alike have slowly moved into digital photography. Newspaper and journalism photographers were the first to move to digital due to its simplicity and speed of processing compared

Edward Westons

Edward Weston began to exhibit the first symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in 1946 and by 1948 he had taken his final photograph. At the age of only 54, this brought to an end the 38 year long career of a

Photographer Richard Avedon

I have a white background. I have the person I am interested in and the thing that happens between us.                                                                           Avedon Richard, 1994 What does the name of Richard Avedon mean for those who are interested in  photo? Without

The History of Landscape Photography

Introduction In his catalogue, Weston Naef termed the period between 1860 and 1885 the “golden age of photography” and characterized the photographs produced during this early period as works of art. His essay on “Landscape Consciousness” related developments in American

Kodak vs. Fujifilm/Management Concepts

Kodak, also known as Eastman Kodak was founded in the 1880’s by George Eastman and is currently based out of Rochester, NY. When George Eastman started this company reputation was very important to him. Eastman’s goal was to make photography

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