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Watch the two videos posted in the Activity Folder. Within your post, discuss what these tell us about the interaction between biology and consciousness, and describe a situation in which your own conscious experience of the world was affected by your biological state. Then, make two other posts in which you reply to your fellow classmates. As noted in the syllabus:

Some examples of substantial contributions include elaboration on a point, constructive criticism, finding relevant examples or counterexamples from authoritative sources or personal experience, finding outside research on the topic, or addressing an example in the context of what is discussed in course materials.

Your response to the question should be at least 250 words in length, and is due by the midweek deadline listed in the calendar. Your replies to fellow students should be at least 150 words each, and are due by the final deadline for this session, also listed in the calendar. Your response to the question is worth up to 20 points, and your reply posts are worth up to 5 points each. A grading rubric is provided within the Syllabus area here in Blackboard (under “Start Here”). My Answer

I found the “My Language” video very fascinating. I never really thought there was a possibility of mentally or psychologically disabled people communicating with the outside world because they communicated differently. I also assumed they couldn’t, simply was not able. It put a new perspective on how I think that they think. This shows you never really know what someone is thinking just by how they are acting or “showing themselves”. Jill’s story was interesting and extremely descriptive in so many ways. It boggles my mind on how well she can recall some of the feelings she had during her stroke. Her “LaLa Land” was pure utopia. Was that a real hallucination or maybe just a dream? There are so many possibilities that could’ve happened. Jill also mentioned how the left part of the brain focuses on certain tasks, such as the past and future; what we have done before, what we are used to doing, and what we need to do later on.

Jill felt the need to do her daily tasks even though she looked like a monster to herself. My cousin was almost 18 when she got her license. Went to school at BNL, had lots of friends, and was very well liked. She woke up one night and could swear she seen an angel. She said that angel had communicated with her telepathically, and of course, no one wanted to believe her or even listen. She eventually told my mom about it and that the angel had told her to say her goodbye’s for she would not be here much longer. Two weeks later, she was in a very bad car accident and was put in a coma for almost seven days before the “plug” got pulled. With this in mind, some believe in premonitions or foresight. Is this possible? Maybe the brain really does exceed into the far out and beyond. Maybe Jill did see a utopia as I previously mentioned.

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