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Physiological or environmental influences HR Essay Sample


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Introduction of TOPIC

Motivation is derived from the word, “motive” which denotes the inner power that energizes and activates the person to act in order to reach the goals they want to attain. Motivation is also the reason of an action or behavior of a person (Guay et al. , 2010, p. 712). It is a characteristics that directs you if you’re going to do something or not (Paraphrasing Gredler, Broussard and Garrison (2004), p. 106). It is something that gives direction to a person to accomplish their certain task or work (Denhardt et al. 2008). Motivation and inspiration is synonymously defined in the dictionary of Meriam Webster.

Other terms for motivation is “drive”, “needs” or “desire”. On the other hand, It is a perception of a person that drives them to satisfy their needs. Motives of a person can originate either from physiological or environmental influences. Motivation can be influence. In psychology, motivation can be defined as extrinsically or intrinsically motivated. Extrinsic motivation is about performing a certain task because of external factors or rewards they could get after the performance. It is concerned most in outcomes that they might achieve after doing an action.

Intrinsic motivation is about performing a certain task because of inner factors like enjoyment, happiness, curiosity, or somet

hing that motivates them within self. It is not an outcome –based, it is based on the learning’s

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they might get after the action. When a person motivates to do something that avoid them from punishment, it is extrinsically motivated, but when a person perceives that it doesn’t matter about the punishments, it matters about enjoyment and learning, it is intrinsically motivated. Hilgard (1990) categorized the motivation as:

(i) survival motives, (i) social motives, and (iii) ego-integrative motives.

Physiological or survival motives are those normal body needs like water, air, food, shelter, sleep, rest, security and anything that normal body needs. The person is motivated because of those matters. They are motivated in order to satisfy their physical needs. In psychological or social motives, it is arises as a result of social interaction with different kinds of people. This motive consists of affection, security, sex urge, need for affiliation, dependency and social approval. It is concern in social dominance. The person is motivated in order to get the favour of others.

The third one is ego-interactive motives or personal motives. It about a personal motives that needs to satisfy. These are a motivation that builds up the word “self”. In this motivation it includes the recognitions, achievements, and independence. In the theory of Hierarchy of needs, Maslow (1954) categorized the needs of a person such as physiological needs, safety and security, belongingness and love needs, esteem and prestige needs, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs and self-actualization needs. Those things mostly motivated the person to act in a way to satisfy and fulfil their needs.

The Human Resources Management (2010) defined motivation as “It is a psychological force that determines the person’s level of effort, as well as persistence to motivate them in order to overcome the obstacles. ” The definition states about how the person goes through and persist some obstacles they might encounter in order to get the success they want to attain or achieve. The attainment or achievement of a person is depends on how they get motivated to perform their certain task or not performing it. What we do is what we get Denhardt et al. (2008).

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