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In life I believe that people must try and adapt to situations and make the best of them.

I will show this in action through a young orphan who just received new shoes

The main conflict is between the orphan and his parents who recently put him up for adoption

The point of view character will be the orphan

I want my audience to realize that although things may change for the worse you must try to make the best out of it.

And to feel that no matter what, someone else in the world is probably in a worse situation than you.

A 6 year-old boy, living in an orphanage rejoices and hugs a new pair of shoes given to him by the American Red Cross. (Austria – 1946) They where looking down at me and talking as if I was not even there, thinking a 5 year old couldn’t understand. “We need to leave now, the cold war is beginning and I can’t be here anymore,” my mother whispered in a calm manner. “So you want to just leave him here, there’s no way well be able to get out with Lukas” replied my father. “Yes, it’s our only option” And just like that, my parents brought me into this new building, spoke to the woman behind the desk, knelt down, gave me a kiss goodbye and they where gone. Everyday, I woke up, played with the other kids in the house, ate the same food and went to sleep early. I was so anxious for my parents to come back. The day I found out I was never going to see them again, I went to my room cried for 3 days and broke all my furniture. On the fourth day, I went downstairs for breakfast. I looked around and although these kids were all without parents they seemed cheerful.

I realized we were all living in a pleasant house with a group of friends, and even though the food wasn’t great, it was kind of exciting. My family had left me behind, but now I was in a new home with lots of friendly new faces and so much to do. After a couple months my clothes where getting ratty, my shoes where breaking apart and the harsh winters of Austria where beginning. Although I was still trying to enjoy my time in the orphanage it was tough, especially with the fact that my best friend had gotten taken by new parents 3 weeks ago. Suddenly, as I was sitting on the curb outside these people showed up in red jackets with a cross on their left breast pocket. Some of the kids inside were ecstatic to see them so I knew these people must have been here before.

I got up and walked over to them silently. One of them looked down at me and saw the terrible condition of my shoes. “It looks like you need some new sneakers buddy, why don’t you wait right there,” he pointed back to the steps I had just walked over from. I sat down and gazed back at him with a confused but happy face wondering what was going to happen next. He went around his truck and came back with a box. I ripped it open and inside their where some brand new Nike’s that I never thought I’d get my hands on. I hugged the shoes tight to my body and gave the nice man the biggest smile I could. Things were looking up.

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