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Pigeons from Hell Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The struggle between cruelty and culture is portrayed by the Blassenville mansion, which symbolizes an obscure world in which brutality succeeds. Humanity is ruined to a reality in which all human beings necessarily burnout into a notch of obliviousness or barbarity. Dehumanization is determined as extinction of others and a failure of kindness, comprehending or refrainment, that also uncovers a vital emptiness or lack of soul, as is often linked with zombies or zuvembies, men or woman slaves that don’t have freedom. However, there’re still some contrast in penalty, the victim Jacob may be obligated or tricked into becoming a creator of zombies or zuvembies and may be annihilated, but he still reserves a good soul and is able to still complete good actions while Celia Blassenville, which she might have been fooled into becoming a zuv

embie, is sunken to a no free will herself and by making slaves of others as she is forced into this

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duty until demolished by a lead bullet. Celia is wrapped or captured into evil and devastation and while there are better or worse humans, no zombie, human, or zuvembie is completely freed or mischievous.

1) “God, how evil that house looks, against those black pines! It looked sinister from the very first.” 2) But now he had discovered another, unsuspected side—a dark, brooding, fear—haunted side, and the discovery repelled him. 3) She was nearly crazy with fear, and didn’t know what it was that chased her—said it looked like a woman with a yellow face. 4) She wouldn’t go back there and show them how to find the secret door; almost went crazy when they suggested it. 5) This old man is nearly a hundred years old…they say he’s a voodoo man. 6) The old man’s eyes gleamed, then grew misty as if clouds of extreme age drifted across his brittle mind. 7) “I sold my soul to the Big Serpent when he made me make of zuvembies”. 8) That infernal snake crammed enough poison into his veins to kill a dozen men his age. 9) I believe she danced in one of their horrible ceremonies—how could she have been such a beast? And this—this horror. 10) God, what a revenge! —what a foul revenge! Yet what a bestial nature she must have had, in the beginnin’, to delve into voodoo as she must have done.

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