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”Pina” Dance Film Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The film Pina introduced a very famous dancer from blank who had many blank blank blankity blank. There were many different dances featured in the film. Each one had a very specific theme. Although there were no words during the dances, the movement was so vivid and explicit that it practically told a story. Some of the things that took place in the film were hard to interperet. These dances almost seemed like a dream the dancer was having. Out of all the things that I observed while watching this film, the thing that seemed to repeat itself time and again was various movements going on at one time. There was a good relationship of space to the movement.

The first example that we see of this was in the first dance. The music began and the dancers came out in a line. The line got longer and longer and then split into different groups with a featured artist in front. The different clusters take turns in the spotlight. The dance continues with a circular and cluster theme. All the space on stage is used. It is layed out very symmetrical

ly with uniform movement. In the next dance, the dancers take on

shapes and themes with their body. One of the prominent shapes is the moon. One of the other dancers desciribed this as “a language you lear to read.” The theme and the setting of the dance shift and now dancers are in an open space with chairs. Space is still utilized by various dancers running in and out of the scene. The main focus is on the dancers up front who are stacking the chairs like a tangled web.

The end of the film featured a few different dances with water. Each of these used various aspects of water and nature to stretch the stage and take up space. The first dance showed the main dancer with a leaf blower. Many men ran around the stage with sticks. It then begins to rain and there is a stream with people swimming across. This seems to stretch the stage in a wide horizontal fashion. Next, there is the use on a sand mountain and splahing in the water. Big objects such as the stream, hippo, mountain, and the tree on the dancers head fill the space in a strange but fitting way.

The dance Pina used many different themes throughout the film. Each dance seemed to tell a story. The use of space was very important in each dance. It is very clear that the dances were choreographed to fill the available space. It also seemed like no matter what was going on with the dance, the space was never too crowded. If there were big objects, there were less dancers and if there were bigger gaps, there were more dancers in clusters or in unified dancing. Overall, I think that the film utilized the space and arranged the film very nicely. I would like to learn more about the work of Pina after watching this film.

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