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Introduction of TOPIC

The pioneer and Ranching Crafts Day event was held at Museum of South Texas History February 23, 2013. I’ve gone to this Museum once during elementary and this is the second time I’ve gone. The event consisted of craft demonstrations and sales, which were held indoor and outdoor, there were children activities, traditional Mexican food, face painting, and a Rio Grande Legacy Exhibit. Through this event I learned three things: how to make cornhusk doll, Butter, and more information on tamales.

Learning how to make cornhusk dolls was fun especially since I was with my friends. The indigenous people of Americas made the cornhusk dolls for their children. These remarkable dolls were discovered more than a thousand years ago. Cornhusks are used to make these toys as well as households objects like baskets, chair seats, and rugs. To make the cornhusk doll was quite simple there are only six steps. I made about three of them for the children who were participating in this activity.

I received a paper on how to make south Texas butter. To make butter you only need one ingredient, which is heavy whipping cream. There are five stages the cream will go through: liquid, fully, soft, whipped cream, firm whipped cream, and coarse whipped cream. The butter at this booth was very delicious and I’m looking forward to try to make some at home.

I learned about the origin of Tamales which it’s name was derived form the Nahuatl word “tamalii”. Tamalii means warped food. Tamales have been made since 3000 B.C. The origin and inventor of tamales are not certain. The Tamale is meat surrounded with corn dough wrapped in corn Husk or banana leaves.

My experience at the Museum of South Texas History was entertaining. I got see, do, and eat a lot of things. Learning about tamales, butter, and cornhusk dolls were only the few things I learned during the pioneer and Ranching Craft day event.

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