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Planet Essays


Solar System

About 4,700 million years ago, the Solar System was just a spinning disc of dust and gas. The dust began to collect together and our Sun formed at the centre. Around Sun, lumps of rock joined up to form smaller

Twelve Houses of Horoscope

There are twelve signs in the natural Zodiac and 12 houses in the horoscope. All affairs of human life are divided into 12 classes and each class of affair is in the domain of one or the other house of

Exobiology in Europa

Europa is one of the 16 moons orbiting Jupiter.  According to studies undertaken it is understood that below the frozen exterior of ice, there is a sea of liquid water present. The surface of Europa had giant ice domes interrupting

Jupiter’s Climate Director

Jupiter’s climate is very different to the climate on Earth, as well as the temperature that are much colder. Jupiter is a gaseous planet and so it does not have a solid surface, because of it being made out of

Eris (Xena): Our Solar System

Discovery images of the dwarf planet Eris. The three images were taken 1 1/2 hours apart on the night of October 21st, 2003. Eris can be seen very slowly moving across the sky over the course of 3 hours. Eris

Astronomy Research Paper

Planet Earth, It’s our home in the universe. It’s also the birthplace of intelligent life and astronomy. In order to better understand our universe we must first understand our planet and planetary system of which we reside. By understanding Earth’s

Exoplanet: Chasing an Earth-Like Planet

There are many bases on how many exoplanets really are now. Different updates and numbers are state in different sources. Two of those sources are the NASA Planet Quest and the Planetary Habitability Laboratory. The NASA Planet Quest states that

Planet and Prince

1. Prologue In the novella The Little Prince, Saint- Expery explored the thought of taking things for granted. He first sent the prince away from his own planet because the flower was using him for her advantage and not being

I Dream Of

I dream of strange horizons, where the sun never sets. I dream of strange lands where the sky is strange to me. I dream of landscapes that are new and strange, I dream of lands that only I have ever

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