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Planning Process And Decision Making In AirAsia Essay Sample

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Planning Process And Decision Making In AirAsia Essay Sample

Planning is one of the most important in management. Planning is preparing a sequence of action steps to achieve some specific goal.A goal refers to a future target that an organization wishes to achieve.. A plan is like a map. When following a plan, you can always see how much you have progressed towards your project goal and how far you are from your destination. Knowing where you are is essential for making good decisions on where to go or what to do next. The most important is to ensure that everyone is clear of what to accomplish.If you do it effectively, you can reduce much the necessary time and effort of achieving the goal. The important of planning involves like defining organization goals, establish strategies to achieve goals,and develop plans to integrate & coordinate work activities. MAIN

The organization which Iwas interested and I want to intro the planning process and Decision Making is Air Asia company . It was one of the famous company in Malaysia.Asia’s leading airline was established with the dream of making flying possible for everyone. Since 2001, AirAsia has swiftly broken travel norms around the globe and has risen to become the world’s best. With a route network that spans through more than 20 countries, AirAsia continues to pave the way for low-cost aviation through our innovative solutions, efficient processes and a passionate approach to business.They was set to take low-cost flying to an all new high with believe, ‘’Now Everyone Can Fly’’. MISSION AIR ASIA

The mission of Air Asia is made up by four major points. The first point is to be the best company to work for whereby employees are treated as part of a big family. Then the second point is create a globally recognized ASEAN brand. The third point is to attain the lowest cost so that everyone can fly with AirAsia and the last point is maintain the highest quality product, embracing technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels. They had achieved the goals but the second point they have not achieved it because in this strong competitive era , too many company like Malaysia Airlines and Tiger Airways also want to be the globally recognized ASEAN brand, but they will work hard to achieve their goals. TYPE OF PLAN

Planning works best when the goals and plans at the lower and middle level managements of an organization support the goals and plans at the top level management.In other words,planning works best when everyone is pulling in the same direction.The first type of plan is strategic plans. It is long term and apply to entire organization. It also a broad plans. This type of plan is made by the top management for the whole organization such as CEO, COO, and others. This plan is usually done for 5 years and above.For example, Air Asia’ CEO plan is to introduce more routes in 5 years.The second type of plan is tactical plan.

It is a short term goal and basically focus on the problems of resource allocation. This plan is made by middle level management such as manager.It is called Management by objectives(MBO).A process often used by managers and subordinates at all levels of an organization to develop and execute tactical plans.It done for a period of 1-5 years. Example, they want to buy more bigger airplanes in 4 years.The third type of plan is operational plan. It encompasses particular operational area of the organization. It cover short time period. This plan developed by first line manager such as supervisor. Example, their goal is a daily production of 3 million profit. Decision Making

Quality and timely decision making is essential for the success of any organization.Decision making can be regarded as the mental processes resulting in the selection of a course of action among several alternatives. Decision making is a difficult task.Every decision making process produces a final choice. Identify problems or opportunities, developing alternatives , choosing an alternative and implementing it. Decision making also is performed by all level of management in an organization.The first type of decision is organizational decision which means made by managers within their authority in accordance with organizational such as goals, policies, procedures, and strategies. For example is,Air Asia want to be a globally recognized ASEAN brand.The second type of decision is personal decision which means made based on manager’s personal choice and preference. Example ,the Air Asia ‘s manager made two plan like upgrade the facility first or training the worker first, then CEO choose the one he like. CREATING ENVIRONMENT FOR EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING

The first step in effective decision making is to provide time for decision to be made which means manager should not rush and be pushed to make a crucial decision. Negotiate more time and make good quality decision. For instance, when Air Asia airplane got some emergency problem , then manager should made a clear decision to solve the problem.The second step in effective decision making is to have self- confidence which means managers must have self- confidence and courage especially when making risky decision.The third step in effective decision making is to encourage others to make decision which means managers should trust subordinates and allow them to make decision. This will get their commitment when they are involved. Managers must trust their workers or employees when they make some decision. CONCLUSION

After I studied this company ,I learn more about planning and making decision. In my opinion, any company must do planning and decision making .One of the secret of managers is to have deputy and able to set collaboratively for an organization as a whole and every unit and individual within it.People with stable interaction with the same goals,consider themselves a unit . وَالَّذِينَاسْتَجَابُوالِرَبِّهِمْوَأَقَامُواالصَّلَاةَوَأَمْرُهُمْشُورَىبَيْنَهُمْوَمِمَّارَزَقْنَاهُمْيُنفِقُونَ Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual Consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance (Quran 42:38)asyura Shura is a crucial part of the Islamic political system.

It allows common people to participate in the decision-making process. It helps create a society that engages actively with leaders.Consultation is important in building a solid relationship between the leader and the people ensuring that the leader does not go astray or regress into an authoritarian government. God encouraged the Prophet (pbuh) to use shura. There are several examples of the Prophet taking counsel from his companions and following their opinions.The Prophet (pbuh) held many councils of war before going into battle. At one point, he believed that they should fight only if the enemy entered Madinah. However, his companions opined that they should

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