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Introduction of TOPIC

The product I will be reviewing is the Sony Play Station 3 gamming system. Last month I had a devastating event happen in my life, after a glorious four year relationship my Xbox 360 finally broke down and went kaput with a case known around to video game nerds like myself as the dreaded red ring of death. My buddy the Xbox 360 and I have had some great times together, even after I had a short fling with a Nintendo Wii system I received for Christmas, I always went back to my faithful old friend the Xbox.  But, the relationship between me and the 360 hasn’t always been so hunky dory, it had to develop over time. See up in till then I was always a Sony Play Station man. After the initial shock of this tragedy was over, I was left with a sobering decision to make, Xbox 360 or the Play Station 3. To some people, like my wife, this doesn’t seem like a big deal.  But I have to disagree, the gaming systems of today offer many different features and amenities aside from just video games. With systems having a price tag of hundreds of dollars and games and accessories costing a pretty penny as well, I feel this is a decision not to be taken to lightly. So in this evaluation I will be weighing the pros and cons of the Play station 3 and informing my readers why I came to the decision to buy one over the Xbox 360. My goal is to give you honest feedback to help you make a wise choice before shelling out some serious money.

             When shopping, the first thing people look at is the price, so I figure that would be the best place to start.  The Play Station 3 will run you 400.00 for the 80 GB version and 500.00 dollars for the 160 GB console compared to Xbox 360 at 300.00 dollars for 60 GB version and 400.00 for the 120 GB Elite version.( CNET ) Most people would stop right there a

nd buy the cheaper Xbox 360 and save a hundred dollars. And if you just want to play video games and

not watch movies or care about any other features but gamming I wouldn’t blame you. But, the one thing that really caught my eye about the Play station was the PS3’s support of the Blu-ray Disc format, which lets you play high-definition movies with amazing celerity and sound.  While the Xbox 360 uses the out-dated HDDVD technology, Sony defiantly won out big integrating its system with blu-ray technology. With stand alone blu-ray disc players averaging around 300.00, this in my mind is a great selling point of the Play Station.

            Another important thing to consider when purchasing a gamming console is performance. While comparing the two systems specs on their individual websites, the Play Station 3’s RSX Cell engine seems to be more powerful than XBOX 360’s triple-core Xenon CPU. However, the XBOX 360 is much easier to develop games for at the moment for according to the experts at (PS3)(Xbox)(CNET) In other words, a lot of the power of the PS3 is going to waste. Although that is expected to change eventually as newer games are developed.  As a person who is now familiar with both systems in my personal opinion the Play Station has far soupier graphics. Also one of the biggest complaints about the Xbox has always been the noisy fan, which when then the Xbox runs hot it can sound like a jet engine which very annoying especially when watching movies. The Play Station on the other hand is so quiet sometimes you don’t even know it’s on. Another complaint in regards to the Xbox 360 is the front slide trey load design for loading your game discs. This outdated way of loading your discs is noisy and easily broken and pales in comparison to the sleek front loading super quiet Play Station loading mechanism.

            Play Station also wins with in the fact that its library is enormous.  Unlike the Microsoft XBOX 360, it allows you to play game titles from your old Play Station or Play Station 1.  This allows you to play thousands of titles. The XBOX 360 just can’t compete with that. competition. Another big perk to the Play Station 3 is it has wireless internet connection and free online gaming and web access while the Xbox you still have to shell out a monthly fee and connect with an Ethernet wire.

            In conclusion, while the Xbox 360 is a great machine I have to give the title of greatest gamming console ever to the Play Station 3. Nobody out there can compete with its free online gaming, thousands of games and still the best of all the selling points the Blu-Ray player. But, Sony should not let this go to there head, you never know with technology and who will be champ and take the crown next year.

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