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Playing a Role Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1.You are on the team which was assigned to make the decision about whether or not to stop current production and fill the rush job order which has come in. The team is currently leaning toward stopping current production and fulfilling the custom job. Your role on the team is to be the “Devil’s Advocate.” What statement(s) would you present to the team as the Devil’s Advocate? I have to say, I disagree you. I do not feel stopping the current order is in the best interest of the company. The fact that we have not done this in six months and do not have the resources to do so will cause hardship and possible set backs on all orders.

2.You are on the team which was assigned to make the decision about whether or not to stop current production and fill the rush job order

which has come in. The team is currently leaning toward telling the “big customer” who wants the

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rush order that the company will be unable to fill the job. Your role on the team is to stimulate dialectical inquiry. What will you point out to the team as you fulfill this role? [Remember that your job is to force “group members to ‘think outside the box’ and look at new ways to analyze the problem.”] I will ask the team to brainstorm ideas on how we could fulfill all orders. I will also point out the major factors in this case such as the cliental and time frame each order takes to fulfill. Another key point is the 3 hour time frame it takes to stop production and switch to another custom order. I would suggest working in teams to make a decision to weigh pros and cons of the situation. A final nominal group technique will be used to make a final decision.

3.What would be your decision if you, alone, were presented with the dilemma? How would you come up with a decision? Are there questions you would want to ask before making a final decision? If so, what are those questions? I would look at all the evidence such as the worker that is missing, the new employes, the hours of lost production, how many times this big customer orders compared to mid-sized costomers, and how much overtime could be budgeted. The final questions is when did the order that is currently being produced been waiting? What is their expected shipping date?

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