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Poet Appreciation: Lenny DellaRocca Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Not many people are honored to say they were in the presents of a famous poet who read to them. This semester in my poetry class I was in the presence of eight poets including the one I am going to write about today, his name is Lenny DellaRocca. When I first saw Lenny DellaRocca go through the doors into my classroom I had a feeling I was not going to like him for some reason. As soon as he got settled in and started reading my feeling changed about not liking him and I enjoyed every word that came out of his mouth. With his poems I feel like he does not hold back, like he does not even care about how anyone would feel about his words and I liked that about his poems. I favorite poem from Lenny DellaRocca is called ‘The Last Laugh’. The reason why I liked this poem so much is because it is so real. He says what is on his mind and does not change words around to try to sugar coat anything. Some of my favorite parts of the poem are, “We sat in the office

smoking cigarettes
drinking coffee
talking to installers
ate pot brownies
you baked the night before
while The Others
The Straight Ones
looked at us suspicio

usly”. The reason why I liked this part of the poem is because

not a lot of people talk about smoking cigarettes because people are against it because it kills people. So for him to say that to me it means that he does not care about what other people think of him. Also, when he said eating pot brownies; that to me means he is fearless. The reason why I believe that he is fearless is because not a lot of people do drugs and a lot of people judge others because they do drugs so when he said he was doing a kind of drug is brave of him. I feel like he does not care what other people think and I admire people like that. Also something I really did not understand is when he said, The Straight Ones. That line through me off guard because when he was telling the class about his life he said he has a wife so I am pretty confused about that one line. Another poem that I like written by Lenny is called, ‘Here’. The reason why I liked this poem is because it shows the love of someone Lenny loves. My favorite part is, “The bright place, I said.

And she said, where.
Here, I said,
here where there is,
where it’s you when you
sleep. And she said,
I know where that is.
And I knew she could
always go there even
when I could not,
or I could when she
could not, because sometimes,
though togetherness created it”.

The reason why I liked this part of the poem is because it shows Lenny being sensitive with someone he loves. In this part of the poem it shows how much he loves this person and how peaceful it is to be in the brightest place and that brightest place is while she is sleeping next to him. Together they created the brightest place by love and everyone who is in love will have that brightest place Lenny talks about. I like Lenny’s poem and I do plan on buying one of his books on day when I go to the book store.

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