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Company Friends shopping mart is best shopping mart to sale each and every type of product to its customers. There are number of employees are working in this shopping mart. Each employee has unique Employee id. Employee data is maintaining by: * Employee_id

* Employee_First_Name
* Employee_Last_Name
* Employee_Cell
* Employee_Street
* Employee_City
* Employee_Country
* Employee_Designation_id
Here Employee_Designation_id is foreign key from designation Table. Designations are defined for herachirary of employee’s. Like Manager, Sales Boy, Account officer cashier etc. Designation table is maintain like: * Designation_id

* Designation_Name
Shopping mart has number of vendors to buy different selling items. Vendor’s data is maintaining by: * Vendor_id,
* Vendor_Address
* Vendor_Phone1
* Vendor_Phone2
* Vendor_Street
* Vendor_City
* Vendor_Country
* Category_id
Here Category_id is foreign key from category table to categorized vendors according to products. All Items’ categories are defined in store Electronics, Plastics, and Wood etc. Category Data is maintain by: * Category_Id,

* Category_Name.
Each item is then categorized and given unique id. Items data is maintain by: * Item_id
* Item_Name
* Item_Sale_Price
* Item_Purchase_Price
* Item_Quantity_on_Hand
* Item_Quantity_Slaeout
* Category_id,Vendor_id
Category_id & vendor_id is used here as foreign Key from category and vendor. On sale time each sale item’s history is maintain through its unique sale_id. Sales data is mainting like: * Sale_id,Date

* Customer_id
For sales detail how many items has been sold to customer sales table is defined like * sale_detail_id
* sale_id
* Item_id
* Item_sale_Price
* Quantity_to_Sale
* Tax
* discount
* Total

Here sale_id is foreign Key from sale table.
We have to save customer data as well for better business success. Customer data is maintaining like: * Customer_id
* Customer_Name
* Customer_Cell
* Customer_Email
* Customer_Street
* Customer_City
* Customer_Country
The approach for this is to pull report which customer has come in to shopping mart and buy how much things. Also for promotions of our items customer is contact through its cell number or email. At day end a cumulative sale for each day is finalized and report is generated for store owner. The owner needs to get profit detail on daily basis. For this report Sales and Sales Detail tables are used.

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