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Souce of Activity:
I was dispatched to the residence of 221 Wakefield Drive on June 24, 2010 at approximately 07:15 hours in reference to a report of a death at the residence. Interview with Complainant (Mr. Smith):

Smith stated he is neighbors with the victim (Courtney Fink.) Smith stated his wife was having a jewelry sale at their residence on the evening of June 23, 2010 which Courtney was supposed to attend. Smith stated that it was odd that Courtney did not attend since she had said she would. Smith advised his wife walked over to Courtney’s residence to try to make contact with her but was unsuccessful. Smith said Courtney’s car was in the driveway she did not answer the door. Smith advised Courtney had a boyfriend (Zack) that he saw from time to time. Smith said Zack was courtious and seemed nice however he did not know him. Smith stated he last saw Zack at her residence a few days prior to this incident. Smith advised Zack left the residence in a hurry and sqealed his tires as he was leaving which caused him (Smith) to look out the window to observe the incident. Smith did not provide any additional information. Interview with Nora Jones:

Nora stated she and Courtney have been friends for approximately 15 years. Nora advised she and Courtney saw each other on June 23, 2010 at which time Courtney appeared to be in good spirits. Nora said Courtney was happy because she had just gotten out of a long, emotionally abusive and draining relationship.

Nora said she believes Zack might have killed Courtney due to the fact that he had previously said he would never let anyone else have her. Interview with Gabrielle Fink: Gabrielle stated she is Courtney’s sister and they were very close. Gabrielle advised Courtney was diagnosed as bipolar and was under medication of the illness. Gabrielle said Courtney was not suicidal to her knowledge however she could be unstable when off of her medication. Gabrielle stated Courtney was also a very clean and neat person.

Gabrielle stated Zack broke up with Courtney recently because he could not handle her wild spending habits. Gabielle advised Zack could be verbally abusive to Courtney at times however she did not know any incidents where a physical altercation occurred. Officer’s Observations/Actions:

Upon arriving on scene, I made contact with Nora Jones and Mr Smith and conducted field interviews. I walked into the residence and observed the house appeared to be in disarray. I observed Courtney lying across the couch and on the armrest.

I observed there were 17 white pills scattered on the table in front of Courtney along with 3 prescription pill bottles 1 of which was opened. There was a laptop lying opened next to the pill bottles with a possible suicide note. Photographs were taken of the scene and will be submitted as evidence as soon as possible.

Courtney was lying on her right side with her clothing still intact. Courtney appeared to be lying in a natural position on the couch. There did not appear to be any signs of a struggle or physical altercation. I issued this case number and advised both Nora and Smith to contact me if they required further assistance or had any additional information. I also advised Nora and Smith that I would be in contact with them.

I made contact with Gabrielle and the police department and conducted an interview. I advised Gabrielle of this case number and to contact me if she required further assistance or if she had any additional information. I also advised Gabrielle that I would be in contact with her. Additional Information Needed:

1) Interview with Zack
2) Interview with Medical Care Provider
3) Continued Interview with Nora Jones
4) Continued Interview with Mr. Smith
5) Autopsy Report
6) Interview with Medical Examiner
Officer’s Notes:
Due to the nature of the incident and the emotional shock of the interviewed parties, many of the pertanent items needing to be addressed could not be addressed at the time of the interviews. Courtney’s phone and computer should be checked to see if she had been in contact with anyone after Nora left the residence. Times need to be established for who was interviewed first. Who was the last person to see her alive or talk to her? Why did Nora see her last night but Courtney did not appear at Smith’s residence for a previously arranged meeting? Did Smith see Nora at the residence? Does anyone else know if Courtney and Nora were actually friends or if she was making up her statement? Who responded to the scene to take custody of the body? Who found the body? What medical examiner pronounced her dead on scene?

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