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Policy-making in the Federal System Essay Sample

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Policy-making in the Federal System Essay Sample

April 29, 2013

My Wonderful Vacation

My family and I went to Oahu, Hawaii-known as Honolulu. It was like we landed in paradise. I felt peace and tranquility when we arrive on the Island. At the airport, a beautiful female for the men travelers, and a very handsome male for the females travelers, greeted us with a lei and a kiss on our cheek. We were treated like royalty and the Hawaiian acted as if we were celebrities.

I thought I was in a dream because the scene was so breath taking. The scenery was picturesque, to say the least. Tropical birds flew freely thru out the island. I was amazed when I saw snow white pigeons. The white sand on the beaches looked as if it was out a movie scene and the clear blue waters was a sight to behold. As we walked in the hot white sand, the tides water cover our bodies up to our waists. The water was as blue as I ever seen water, it felt soothing and relaxing.

The aroma from the tropical flowers was intoxicating and the colors were very enchanting. It was like a fantasy. We were told by the tour guide, some of the plants are exotic and the Natives take great pride in reserving flower and plant life because some of them are on an endangered species list.

If I could rename the seven wonders of the world, Hawaii would be number one. Our hotel was across the boulevard from Waikiki Beach. We stayed five days and six nights. It felt like a moment in time. We gazed at the sight of young people surfing. To me it was a miracle to see these people standing on a wave as high as, a mountain. We whirlwind all over Oahu.The quietness was so unusual for me. We embraced every moment, this vacation was a glorious experience.

The National Memorial was first on our list to tour. This was the place where several thousand heros of the armed forces were laid to rest. We also visited the Pearl Harbor, where the battle ship USS Arizona is on display. The ship was bombed on December 7, 1941. The tour guide informed us that there were sailors still on the ship. This was a very touching moment for us, nostalgia fell on me, thinking of how these young men and women gave their lives so I can enjoy the freedom and peace that our country stand for. We paid our respects to the brave fallen Heroes and left the sight with heavy hearts.

We took a tour to the Polynesian Culture Center as well. This place was magnificent. The native dances and music was preformed with grace and high energy. We were shown all types of traditions. My sister- in-law, Tiara, volunteered to take hula lessons, this was hilarious because she don’t have rhythm. We also participated in several native traditions.

The Kodak show was entertaining as well as educational, We observed how coconuts were picked from forty foot trees, how to setup the pit for a Luau and how to prepare the pig with a apple in his mouth, Hawaiian tradition, the youngest member of the Natives family have to eat the apple. The pig is roasted in banana leaves covered with soil and hot coals. Our family dined at the Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood, it was the best I ever tasted but most of all the shrimp melted in my mouth. The tour bus took us to Diamond Head Mountain was very magnificent, the view from the top was outstanding, the valleys, craters and the view of the Pacific Ocean was breath taking.

Sadness fell on my family when we left for the airport. The food, entertainment and the fresh air was worth every dollar we spent. When we prepared to leave the Island the authorities allowed us to bring a case of pineapples home. I dream about my wonderful experience, when our family visited the magnificent Island of Oahu, Hawaii. One day in the future I will return to this picturesque and magnificent place. Breathing this fresh unpolluted air was such a wonderful relief for my lungs,this was the first time I breathe pure air.

The entertainment, delicious food, visiting Pearl Harbor, the white sands on the beaches and the wonderful clear blue waters, the mountains, the valleys, the gardens where all types of exotic plants and flowers are on exhibit and Plantations where fruit and nuts grew, the aquarium displayed many colorful ocean tropical sea life, this was the dream vacation which allowed me experience reality in another form. I will not forget the peace and tranquility I will always cherish.

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