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Political socialization Essay Sample

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Political socialization Essay Sample

Political socialization is the process whereby individuals become aware of tenets of political culture, political values, political concepts and political facts (Jillson and Janda). In addition to this, it is hereby continuous lifelong  process wherein a specific political culture or political practice is being transmitted and adopted by a given society. Thus, there is a transmission and acquisition process of both individuals and the society.

            Various groups and institutions which contributed to this life long process of continuous transmission of political practices are known as agents of socializations. These agents greatly affect the political cultures, political system, values and practices of a given society but still a contributory factor in the awareness of each one towards politics. Family has been considered as the primary agent of this so called political socialization since it’s always the basic unit of the community where political orientations are first known. Nonetheless, media is considered as the secondary agent involved in the process of political transmission and socialization. This is where the acquisition of other political practices and systems are adopted, thus, political socialization begins.

            One important factor that affect political socialization is demographic factor involving gender, age, race, etc. Through media (TV, Radio, Publications, Internet) plus these demographic factor would result to various concepts of political practices such as exercising our rights to suffrage and our side regarding critical political issues. To be specific, I have created a certain formula for thorough analysis:

Age (demographic factor) + Media ( television as stimulus) = Beginning of Political Socialization (Response)

            Transmission happens which then results to acceptance of these political values and cultures through political practice. Lastly, our attention to political issues promoted by media sustained our attitude towards political efficacy considering various demographic variables.

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