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Politics – Problems of Nuclear Weapons Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


            Recent technology on production and utilization of nuclear weapons has been a very contagious issue in security and world peace welfare. Most nations in the recent times have seen the need for acquisition of the new technology for their varied individualistic reasons, as opposed to the majority nations who have administered limited or no authority to production of these deadly weapons as they can lead (in greater deal) to increased instability in the whole world. Recent studies have indicated that, production of non-strategic nuclear weapons is highly elevated and this has been attributed to the fact that many countries see the need for owning such deadly devises for their defense, incase of any attack by the nations which have in the past produced these weapons of mass destruction. Initially, the deadly nuclear weapons were only possessed by the two world superpower (that is, the United States and the then Soviet Union) in the age of the cold war.

            This gave them a bilateral respect and they laid regulations of not using the nuclear weapons, as opposed to the current times where there is a high risk in any of those many countries (more than twenty nations and the number is usually swelling) in using the weapons of mass destruction. These ideas led to the United Nations Council considerations in a need to develop restrictions regarding the nuclear weapons, first the production of these arsenals by different nations and consequently their utilization on enemy or their neighboring countries. All these has attracted a lot of tension in the whole world as the peaceful countries have found the need to own such harmful devises, mainly for the betterment in protecting citizens from rogue countries and handfuls of international networks of terrorism (Heritage Foundation, 2002).

Emerging problems of Nuclear Weapons

            Global politics have challenged the production and use of nuclear weapons, and they base their finding to the dangers and many problems that the whole world may be subjected to in this era of nuclear weapons development.  They have indicated that the major problematic issue with the recent research development of the nuclear weapons is misuse whereby there may be accidental or mistaken utilization of the destructive weapons. Since the First World War, nuclear weapons have been associated with diversified detrimental effects on lives, infrastructure and lethal genetic mutation effects as witnessed in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Nuclear weapons are associated with several and diverse destroying effects because in the present world, a lot of countries possess them and in future there may be negligence in their use posing a great danger to the world at large.

            First due to the increase in the production of these nuclear weapons, the levels of ownership has highly magnified within different nations. This is an immediate danger to the international peace as the readily available nuclear devices which are in existence in large numbers, may easily land into the hands of terrorists. This will therefore lead to misuse of the destructive weapons by the terrorists in attacking peaceful world nations. For instance in the 2001 attack in the United States of America, the Al-Qaeda group used nuclear weapons to destroy life and other infrastructures mainly because they easily got an access to these arsenals (Diakov, Miasnikov and Kadyshev, 2004). Terrorists are a threat to international peace, thus in the possession of these weapons they can endanger the lives of most people through their use. Nations which depend on the export of the tourist industry can be highly affected, a thing that would lead to a decline in national revenues (Heritage Foundation 2002). Also the business progress will be highly affected as these terrorists may facilitate restrictions imposed on the business community especially into and from specific countries including the loss of life and properties in case the use of these deadly arsenals became successful.

            Another problem associated with nuclear weapons comes in the fact that, there may be a greater risk for occurrences of accidents or mistaken launching of these arsenals by the many countries that are in possession or in the process of obtaining these weapons. This will extend the levels of instability which has been witnessed in the current world because most of the neighborin

g nations will intend to pose an attitude of suspicion (Diakov, Miasnikov and Kadyshev 2004). Remedy

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to the after use of these nuclear arsenals is insignificantly minimal and therefore peaceful countries have found it important for them to acquire these nuclear weapons in preparations of any attacks by their enemies.

            Instability has also been beefed up in the international borders, as many countries are in possession or in the process of manufacturing these deadly nuclear weapons. This is also a threat to world’s peace because nobody knows when the disaster (use of these nuclear weapons) will strike. It is possible for the nations of the world to attempt and use these weapons on other enemies without even considering the magnitude of the effects to be caused, as most of the nations obtaining these weapons may not portray the possible definite restraint on their use as demonstrated earlier by the United States and Soviet Union in the cold World war.

            Also the nuclear weapons can be put into a possible objective by rascal countries as threats, intimidating tools and even the actual attack of their enemies using this newly acquired technology. By the fact that most nations with intent to acquire this recent technology on nuclear weapons production are justified for their rights, this may bleach international peace and thus there will be no remedy to contain the detrimental effects if these weapons are used in the future. Some of the effects of the nuclear weapons are long lasting, for instance, the genetic mutations seen in the two bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. This therefore creates the need to restrict the acquisition of this new technology and the subsequent use of these weapons of mass destruction.

 Ways in controlling or elimination of Nuclear Weapons

The United Nation administrative council has introduced several analyzes on the current state of affairs in the world, as pertains to the control and reduction of both strategic and non-strategic nuclear weapons. This is to ensure that there is limited grant to the acquisition of this deadly nuclear warfare’s as in the enactment of laws which governs the entire countries under this body. In the control of acquisition of these nuclear weapons there has developed a problem in setting a common view on identifying and classifying these tactical (non-strategic) nuclear arms in terms of the experts who are trying to control and eliminate them (Diakov, Miasnikov and Kadyshev 2004).

World superpowers, for instance, the United States and Russia have based the argument that some countries in Europe and Middle East Asia are acquiring these new technologies with an aim of destroying the world and thus they have limited these to non-strategic warfare. The used classification in many reports given in the world is based on requirements of the START-I accord, and according to it non-tactical nuclear military hard wares are from the United States and the former soviet Union that are covered by START-I confines. This encompasses all the nuclear warheads accredited to these two nations but the non-strategic (tactical) nuclear weapons are theirs also, especially the ones considered to be strategic.

            It is important to use the nuclear weapons as a tool of making foreign policy and this may yield a likelihood of continued action for the coming future generations. Most of the well developed countries already posses the new nuclear production technology, for example, Russia and the United States are having more than their maintenance requirements in military security levels. The large numbers in weapons of mass destruction may be a catalyst leading to deterrence of peace in the entire world or in localized regions but this can be effectively prevented if a much smaller number of non-strategic nuclear warheads were advocated. In the global politics a great importance has to be given in the areas of policy issues on management of these deadly nuclear arsenals on the basis that everybody may be rendered insecure with the unlimited acquisitions of the newly developed nuclear technology.


            Regulation of the nuclear–weapons-foreign-policies in the world is very significant to peace, as they may cause stability and understanding within different states especially those bordering each other. This has been successfully used in the past and will continue to be an effective mechanism for the regulation of nuclear weapons acquisition and thus world stability. The possession of these deadly arsenals should basically follow a definitive requirement which can be maintained by the country’s military security levels, as it can avoid deterrence probability regionally or internationally. Policies in the global politics should lay strategies for enhancement of stability, and this can only be achieved if the countries adopt a much smaller number of non-strategic nuclear warheads (NSNW). Despite all these, formal/strategic weapons of every nation have to be regulated and this will reduce chances of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the entire world hence safety can easily be enhanced (Potter and Sokov, 2008).

The most desirable event towards achieving the world safety will also include the defining steps aimed at creating an environment of openness and transparency; for example, the announcement of the number of NSNW warheads destroyed and still following the treaty laid in the destruction under the 1991 PNI. It will be realistic to maintain an international science-and-technology program under the United Nations in Geneva for the development of authentication actions for nuclear weapons and their destruction, while concurrently shielding sensitive information (High beam™, 1996).


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