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DAY 1 On June 29, 2013 at my house, our group started doing our “Pop Art”. Maura, Camille and Joshua were the first ones to arrive bringing the illustration we were going to use. We can’t start then because Allan has the concept on what were going to do and he was running late. He arrived after 30 mins. of waiting. Shortly after that, Mikko ang Ingrid arrived. Samuel wasn’t able

arrived. Samuel wasn’t able to attend that day because he was at someplace else doing something. And at last, Raiza arrived and as punishment to herself for being late, she provided most of our materials like, cartolina, felt paper, scotch tape, and glue.

Allan’s concept was, there is going to be a hand popping out the illustration board holding a glass of bear brand. We all agreed to this concept and started working.  Allan and Joshua were incharged on making the hand out of newspapers. Raiza and Mikko were incharged of mixing paint for the hand. Maura, Ingrid and Camille did other stuff like cutting tape, molding the fingers for the hand and preparing the illustration board. My job was to keep everything neat and order. It was also my job to prepare the materials that we need that I own and feeding my members.

We had a paint shortage problem so we decided to contribute money to be able to buy paint for the hand.Raiza and I were the ones who bought the paint and Allan was only there until lunch making him the first one to leave.

When Raiza and I came back, we started mixing paint and painting the hand. After that Ingrid, Maura and Camille went home while Mikko, Joshua and Raiza stayed further more. While waiting for the paint to dry, we had a little snack while watching a movie. Then we continued our “Pop Art” while watching the same movie. We were not able to finish the project then, but we planned on finishing it early to be passed before the deadline.

On July 2, 2013 at school, we continued our “Pop Art” by painting finger nails on the hand using Raiza’s nail polish.

On July 3, 2013 at school, Ma’am Dumlao let us do our project for the whole period. So what we did was, we inserted the logo. Samuel was finally able to help us. We weren’t able to finish it since we were short of materials.

On July 4, 2013 at school, I brought materials that we might need to finish our project but we had no time to work on it because we were to busy. What we did was someone is going to take the “Pop Art” home to finish. Since no one voluntereed, as the leader, it was my responsibility to accept the fact that I am stuck on finishing our project myself.

When I got home, I immediately started doing our project. I have to repeat the logo because it got smeared with dirt. I asked my mom for help on attaching the string at the back for it to be able to hang.

On July 5, 2013 at school, I presented the finished product of our project to my members. They were glad that it was finally done. We then took group pictures with it.

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