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Introduction of TOPIC

The more unstructured, unusual or unexpected a new transition is the more disorientated along with feelings of anxiety are we likely to experience. How well one individual may cope with a new scenario may be in stark contrast to how another individual tackles the situation. This can depend on the strength and resilience of a individuals character and past experiences. Positive retrospect experiences can help us to explore and tackle the unknown. They can also lay the foundations for encounters yet to come, truly as previous negative scenarios may stay in our memory for many years, both of which can be reignited repeatedly throughout our lifetime.

Our first relationship as a baby help to form the basis on which we have knowledge of the world around us. The merit of this relationship helps us to create the framework for our future values and beliefs.

Children and young adults that experience insecure transitions where an empathy to their needs is not met or understood will encounter challenges with less confidence and face adversity with significant uncertainty. The ability acknowledge and manage a transition is a key part to healthy, happy living and development. Children who have experienced an insecure transition tend to arrive into the education establishment less equipped to manage change than other individuals.

A child or young adult that may have concerns when dealing with a transition in their life may become withdrawn or on the flip side extremely needy. Their behaviour may become totall

y out of character and they become moody and depressed or signs of strong adverse behavioural issues

such as bullying may occur.

As a member of staff in school it is my responsibility as with others to recognise when a child may be struggling to cope with a transition in their life and to act accordingly by representing an outreach link should they wish to talk about their feelings and emotions. Through experience an attuned adult is able to acknowledge a child’s behaviour and perceive how they are feeling.

Strategies that could be put into place to help with an individuals transitional period include:

Preparing pupils by discussing impending changes in advance to help them balance the loss of the old with the anticipation of the new Help pupils to communicate words to the emotions and feelings that they may be experiencing during a period of transition. It is vital in that the school setting should be one where feelings can be verbalised whilst at the same time taken seriously too Acknowledge the importance of possessions pupils may take with them to their new situation, such as autographed t-shirts from their friends, photographs and books etc Pay consideration to everyday beginnings and endings. Regular routines are extremely vital Plan ways to help bridge the implicating gaps between transitions, rather than an abrupt ending and new beginning is it viable to overlap the old and the new? At times of a crucial transition period, provide opportunities to recognise shared memories whilst reflecting on past challenges and achievements Sustain concise responses to critical events and moments in the lives of children and young adults such as bereavement and divorce/separation

Be attuned to changes in a normal behavioural pattern of an individual. Children who have experienced a form of loss tend to be more vulnerable when dealing with a transition. An anxious state of mind can lead to adverse behaviour such as aggression, becoming withdrawn, defensive, lack of social interaction, depression, slow academic progress and a lack of interest. The loss must be identified and acknowledged before moving on to address the adverse behaviour Ensure the school has a transition policy or scheme that will encompass all aspects of transition. This policy or scheme must outline all systems and interventions that are available to help support a child that is dealing with a transitional period Involve and offer support to the parents and carers of the children in any transitional work that the school may undertake

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