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Positive relationships with children and young people are important for them emotionally and socially. When children feel more comfortable in the setting they can separate from parents easily and they can participate with the learning activities and this can help their development, when you have a strong teacher/nursery officer relationship with a child they are less likely to show unwanted disruptive behaviour because there is a mutual respect and the child respects the boundaries, and if they do decide to act out because of how strong the relationship you will recognise the child’s needs and be able to meet them. In a nursery setting every staff member is allocated a ‘family’ this is a group of children who you are responsible for, you take care of their needs like their nappy, sit with them at dinner, and you form a close relationship with the child as you do their daily observations, and your weekly planning you start to see how they are developing and this relationship you have built will help you in planning for the child because you know what their interests or the area they under-developing.

When you have a strong positive with children, it can help their development areas like language because they feel confident in talking to you, also their social skills, when they see you and how you talk to people, your manners, basic skills like sharing they will mimic that because children are like a sponge, they like to mimic what they see and if you’re not showing a positive image of yourself they might copy the negative parts of your character. You can build relationships with children and young people by introducing yourself firstly so that they are aware who you are. Involving them in activities, this makes them feel welcome and that their company is valued. This will increase their self confidence. Another thing that makes them feel valued is when a adult is being responsive, so being interested in what children have to say, listening to them and asking questions.

Positive relationships is about mutual respect, so setting boundaries early means the children know what is expected of them there is less likely to be a disagreement further on . You can maintain positive relationships by treating all children the same, being consistent in your responses to children so they don’t feel left out. If you make a promise to a child, keeping to it so they can trust you, and also they can learn basic life skills which are keeping to your word, when you say you’re going to do something, do it. Plan activities for individuals based on the child’s interests, so they feel happy and enjoy the activities. You can maintain relationships by having circle time or one to one activities, so you develop your relationship with the child more, you can use this time to share news, ask the child what they have been up to on the weekend etc.

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