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Presenting the poster presentation was very intense even though it was a 5 minute presentation because I don’t normally present something that last more than a minute to the audience and it was my first time representing something like this. I only took a minor role of presenting a topic when in a group or instructing on the board how it was done in my past life. I never talked for a long period of time. During the day of the poster presentation, my first time presenting something as an individual wasn’t that easy. I paused in the middle of explaining the topic, approximate of 5 seconds then move onto another topic without finishing it; more like I was talking without any sense. I focused more on the board and less eye contact to the audience, mumbling and not so deeply relaxed.

I had the feeling that I hadn’t done well which by after three weeks, I checked my result for the S1 and I was so close to passing it. I didn’t do my best but at least I tried. I just need to be more outspoken and open minded and I hope to change for the best. I gained enough ideas on what I should do next for the resit after failing the S1. My previous topic, ‘Recycling Waste’ was irrelevant to the given theme. Thanks to the tips and advices that I attended the workshop yesterday for those who failed S1, I know what to do and what to present now.

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