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Poutine was invented in 1957 by a restauranter by the name of Fernand LaChance. He lived in Montreal, Quebec and worked in a restaurant named Le Restaurant Lutin Qui Rit. Poutine is known worldwide today but is mostly recognized in Canada because it is a Canadian invention. Poutine was more of ancidental invention that an intentional one, here is how it happened. One day at Le Restaurant Lutin Qui Rit a truck had stopped by to find something to eat. The trucker had asked for French fries, then saw a bag of cheese and asked for them on top (gravy was added a little later). LaChance then responded that’s going to make damn mess!! ( in the French language) After this mess was put on the menu, people from all over the world came to check out Fernand’s creation. Poutine is a calorie packed fast food dish including medium sized French fries, fresh cheese curds with dark brown gravy. It is served at many fast food joints and at canteens today. Poutine is only made in Canada which makes it completely Canadian.

It has been very popular for many years and will surely stay that way, seeing how it is so delicious to many. Poutine is a small part of Canadian history but is important to all those poutine lovers out there. Many people eat it but don’t know the history of poutine or simply don’t care. It has changed the business of many restaurants and canteens and is usually the main food item in canteens because it is so tasty and very filling. It may be highly priced but that doesn’t seem to effect the business of poutine. Poutine was eventually was sold in the U.S. but is called fries, gravy and cheese. It is nowhere neer as good tasting as poutine, which goes to show that this product is rightfully Canadian. Or that Canadians are better cooks then Americans. Anyway, poutine is obviously unique to Canada and isn’t very common or known of in Europe. Fernand LaChance was a construction worker before becoming a restauranter at his restaurant. He died on Febuary 6th , 2004 from a pulmonary disease with poutine still as his favourite dish. He is remembered as Mr.Poutine, Which I believe is the best invention ever.

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