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Poverty, a Monster to the World Essay Sample

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Poverty, a Monster to the World Essay Sample

In today’s society, poverty is a big issue that everyone and every country has to face. No one wants to be poor. Why do we all try to eliminate poverty? It is because that poverty has tremendous bad effects on an individual, a country and the whole world. The effects caused by poverty to an individual are obvious. The biggest effect is the decreased quality of life. For an individual, poverty means be short of money. Although there are some supports from the government, this kind of help is limited. I believe everyone has seen the pictures of African children before. The thin and weak bodies showed in the pictures are the most direct evidence of the bad effects of poverty. Without enough money means the poor can’t afford the basic livelihood. The poor can’t get enough food, have their own home, and they don’t know whether or not they will be alive tomorrow. Moreover, the illiteracy is another bad effect. Normally, getting education needs a lot of money, especially higher education. But for the poor, most of them can’t afford it. We all know how important education is in today’s society. If one doesn’t get education, he will probably become poorer in the future. This will be a vicious cycle to the poor.

For a higher level, the poverty also causes lots of bad effects on a country. At first, the poverty will cause turbulence. If one country is impoverished, it is not able to provide affluent life to its people. People will feel discontented about their government. If these discontents people come together, the turbulence will happen soon. All the turbulent countries now are impoverished. Furthermore, a poor country can be easily controlled by another country, because it can’t provide what its people need from itself. If a developed country is willing to provide money and food to the poor country, it will rely on the developed country soon. At the same time, the poor country is controlled by the developed country. We are not willing to see this happen, because it is not a good thing for the world.

The poverty is like a disaster to the world, because it will make the world unjust. As I talked before, a developed country can easily control a poor country. If it happened, the developed will get what it wants from the poor for the cheapest price or even for free. Normally, what the developed countries got are important and rare resources, like oil and natural gas. If these poor countries are not controlled, they could make themselves affluent by exporting the important resources. But what they get now is much less. What will happen next? The gap between the rich and the poor will be wider. Furthermore, the poverty will cost a lot from the whole world to eliminate. For example, the U.N. may spend a lot of money and time from its membership to help a poor African country, we don’t know how much money and time it will cost, but we still need to do it. Poverty causes such a great deal of bad effects to an individual, a country and the whole world. However, I believe the poverty will be eliminated in the future; we still need to spend a lot of time and make great efforts to improve the situation.

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