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General Purpose – To start a movement where we can bring an end to poverty all over the world Specific Purpose – To outline and form a campaign where there is a structure and plan to end world poverty through various stages of volunteer work

Introduction –
“Poverty is the mother of crime” by Marcus Aurelius
About 25,000 people die every day in the world due to hunger, which mostly stems from poverty. With poverty comes hunger and diseases. So if we as a world community can tackle this problem of poverty, we will simultaneously help stop hunger and diseases. Poverty is the root for many world problems and we can help end these issues by starting with ending poverty.

I – Background
* Identify the root of poverty and background on how it originates and expands. * Find out the areas that are most hardly effected and what steps they need to take to get out of poverty * Go into detail about the consequences of poverty and how they impact society at large like crime, famine, diseases and social classes. II – what’s been done?

* Government’s responses to poverty across the world and how effective they are as opposed to private institutions like a private campaign * How effectively do private campaigns utilize their funds? * Awareness projects and how successful they are

III What is our campaign going to do?
* Educate the masses about how poverty impacts our society and how we need to respond immediately * Raise funds to help alleviate the areas that are most harshly impacted by poverty * Create shelters across the world where
people can seek refuge *

IV What is our campaign going to do?
* Develop schools for kids to learn and have career opportunities.
* Develop hospitals to control diseases such as malaria which is common in poor areas
*Develop a system to provide clean water

* Seek sponsors like companies who are willing to donate and be recognized for their efforts through our programs *  V. Create jobs
– Develop a system where we can provide people with jobs and careers so that they can start providing for themselves. – Have lower taxes or no taxed for the people below the poverty line until all of them reach a standard of living where they are not below the poverty line anymore.

VI – How sustain a world without poverty?
* Create policies where the difference between social classes is not as vast as it is today * Better welfare programs that keep people from falling into poverty * More equality in the job market in which jobs and wages are not catered towards enhancement of the top 10 percent.

Conclusion –
* List crucial points why poverty is dangerous to our world * How our campaign will take steps to change that
* After the change we need preservation.

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