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When it comes to the difference between practical and emotional intelligence is that, practical intelligence is something that you can learn by observing other peoples behaviors. Emotional intelligence is the basis of empathy for others, self-awareness, and social skills (Feldman, 2013, p385). In the workplace, when it comes to emotional intelligence, it can help you to be able to know how to tell other people’s body language and their social skills. If you’re in customer service, you want to have good emotional intelligence so you can read your customers and it can also help by knowing how to talk to someone in a mature and professional way. Practical intelligence in the work place is important because you can learn through others behavior. You might learn if you can joke and kid around with one employee more so than another. In any work place it is important to know and have knowledge in both types if intelligence. You want to know how to be able to get out of any situation that you may get yourself into.

Staying calm and keeping a level head is also a good form of emotional intelligence. The popular television character that displays emotional intelligence in my opinion is Oprah Winfrey; she always conducts and handles herself in the upmost empathy and mature professionalism for the people that she brings on her show. She also is one that gives back to others and the less fortunate, she can also control her emotions and she pays special attention to her guests feelings and also responds well with others. The popular television character that I chose for having practical intelligence would be Bill Gates, He has taken the world of technology to a new level, he has also made his fortune by using his common sense on how to run a business and to keep it up and running and make a success out of it. He has made a great software program that helps millions of us on a daily basis; I believe that if you use your practical intelligence (common sense) you can do anything you set your mind out to do.


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