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The classroom network consists of Windows Server 2008 student servers and the ServerDC connected to a local area network. ServerDC, the domain controller for the domain, is running Windows Server 2008. Throughout the labs in this manual, you will install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot application roles, features, and services on the same student server. Before you start this lab, see your instructor for the information needed to complete the following table: Student computer name (NT2670-Srv##A)

Working with Lab Worksheets
Each lab in this manual requires that you answer questions, save images of your screen, or perform other activities that you document in a worksheet named for the lab, such as lab1_2_worksheet. Your instructor will provide you with the worksheet files that you must complete for each lab. As you perform the exercises in each lab, open the appropriate worksheet file using WordPad, fill in the required information, and save the file to your Exercise 1-2-1

Performing Initial Configuration Tasks
You are setting up a new computer that was delivered with Windows Server 2008 already installed in its default configuration. Your first task is to configure the computer with appropriate settings for the test lab network. Completion time

10 minutes

Question 1
Which computer is hosting the Administrator account that you specified in this authentication?

Exercise 1-2-2

Working with Disks
The new computer arrived with two installed disk drives, but only the first one is initialized and partitioned. In this exercise, you will initialize the second disk and create data partitions on the computer. Completion time

20 minutes

Question 2
Why is the system prompting you to initialize Disk 1 at this time? Because Disk1 is not initialized

Question 3
What happens to the Disk 1 type and status when the initialization process is complete? Type went to Basic and status went to Healthy

Question 4
Now that Disk 1 has been initialized, why doesn’t it appear in the volume list pane at the top of the console? Because it is not a primary partition and it has not been allocated yet Disk1 is unallocated still

5.Based on the information displayed in the Disk Management snap-in, fill out the information in Table 1-2-1 on your lab worksheet. Table 1-2-1
Disk information

Disk 0
Disk 1
Disk type (basic or dynamic)
Total disk size
Number and type of partitions
1 Primary Partition
Amount of unallocated space

Question 5
What volume sizing options are available in the context menu? Shrink volume

Question 6
Why are you unable to extend the Data2 volume to Disk 1?
Because they are not the same disk type and they need to be converted to the same disk type in order to be able to extend Data2 to Disk1.

Question 7
Why is it necessary to convert both of the disks?
In order for Data2 to be able to extend to half of the amount of memory on Disk1 they have to share the same disk type

Question 8
Why are you unable to extend the C: drive to Disk 1?
There are two disks in between the two of them. In order to extend a partition it has to be done continuously without jumps.

27.Consult the Disk Management snap-in, and fill out Table 1-2-2 with the amount of unallocated space on the drive in gigabytes and megabytes. Table 1-2-2
Unallocated space remaining

Disk 0
Disk 1
Unallocated space left (in gigabytes)
Unallocated space left (in megabytes)

28.Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a screen shot of the Disk Management snap-in showing the volumes you created. Press Ctrl+V to paste the image on the page provided in the lab1_2_worksheet file.

Exercise 1-2-3
Using Server Manager
In the future, you will need to configure your server to perform certain tasks, using tools and services that Windows Server 2008 does not install by default. In this exercise, use the Server Manager console to configure the server and install these tools and services. Completion time

10 minutes

Which of the previous tasks could be completed using Server Manager instead of other consoles? Configure Firewall settings, Change System Settings, View Network Connections, Disk Management

Question 10
Based on the information in the main Server Manager display, what roles are currently installed on the computer? ADDS, DNS, DCHP

Question 11
What features are currently installed on the computer?
Group Policy Management, Remote Server Administration Tools

Question 12
What was the result of the installation?
ADDS Tools are installed along with DHCP Server Tools and DNS Server Tools

10.Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a screen shot of the Installation Results page in the Resume Configuration Wizard. Press Ctrl+V to paste the image on the page provided in the lab1_2_worksheet file.

Exercise 1-2-4
Adding the File Services Role
Install the File Services role by using the Server Manager console. This enables you to deploy this computer as a file server and implement the various storage-related technologies supplied with Windows Server 2008. Completion time

10 minutes

Question 13
What happens to the wizard when you select the File Services checkbox? File Services option appear on the left pane of the wizard

Question 14
What happens to the wizard when you select the Windows Search Services checkbox? Volume to index appears on the left pane of the wizard

Question 15
What happens to the wizard if you select the Windows Server 2003 File Services checkbox? A window pops up stating that both Windows Search Services and Indexing Services Service cannot be installed on the same server

10.Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a screen shot of the Roles node in server manager, showing the details for the installed File Services role. Press Ctrl+V to paste the image on the page provided in the lab1_2_worksheet file.

Lab REview: Questions
Completion time
5 minutes

1. After creating a spanned volume containing space from two disks, as you did in Exercise 1-2-2, what happens to the data stored on the volume if Disk 1 fails? It should be ok since the whole volume is form as one, even though it spans throughout two different disks 2. In Exercise 1-2-2, how many partitions does each disk have after you converted the disks from basic to dynamic? How do you know? After doing the transition on Disk0 we had 2 (Simple Dynamic volume and 1 Spanned Volume [Data2]) and on Disk1 we have 1 (Spanned Volume [Data2]) with unallocated space available for extension. 3. In Exercise 1-2-3, what is the effect of turning off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration? It indicates that the specific feature is not available for Administrators but is enable for Users. Also it exposes servers more from Web-based attacks.

Lab Challenge: Using Diskpart.exe
Completion time
15 minutes

Your supervisor wants to use the Windows Server 2008 Server Core option to deploy servers on the network. This means that most of the graphical system
administration tools will not be available on these computers, so you have to brush up your command prompt skills. You must extend the spanned volume you created in Exercise 1.2 (Data2) to use all of the available disk space on Disk 1. However, you cannot use the Disk Management snap-in; you must use only the Diskpart.exe command-prompt utility. To complete this challenge, write a procedure for completing your task, including all of the needed Diskpart commands. When you have successfully extended the spanned volume, open the Disk Management snap-in, and take a screen shot showing the volumes on the computer. Paste the image on the page provided in the lab1_2_worksheet file.

This is how you should do it:
Open Command-Prompt
C:\> diskpart.exe
Diskpart>list volume (to view the volume list to know which one you are going to extend and where are you extending such volume to) Diskpart>select volume # (where # is the number of the volume you want to extend) A message will let you know that the desired volume has been selected Diskpart>extend size=8190 Disk 1

And a message will let you know the extension was successful For further reference I have included two pictures to walk you through the entire process.

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