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How to integrate teams, planning, and training to provide a successful outcome of the Long-term care electronic medical record. Teams
Using teams to maintain an effective medical record is a vital part of the updating process. Teams will allow the Long-term facility to maintain a current patient record. Planning

Planning the update of the Long-term facilities electronic medical record allows for the most comprehensive system on the market. Great care and decision-making helped create the system that allows the Long-term facility and the providers to provide the best care and communication. Training

Extensive training has been provided to the staff and providers so that the most up-to-date and comprehensive electronic medical record is maintained for each patient. Communication of record entry procedures is universal throughout the facility for ease of use and understanding.

Recommendations on how the team might effectively communicate inside and outside the Long-term care facility, including the use of social media. Internal communication
E-mail is an effective way to communicate a message facility-wide for review by all staff members. E-mail is a good way to communicate to staff new information or staff meeting dates and times Staff meetings

Staff meetings allow all staff to hear the same message at the same time and ask questions to understand the message. Flyers
Using Flyers to announce new procedures to staff, announce future meetings, or announce staff activities. Flyers are an effective way to communicate messages that are not mandatory and of less urgency. External Communication

Commercials or short interviews on the news are effective ways to alert the public to the advantages of using electronic medical records. All providers are able to access the same information for continuity of care for the patient. Website

Americans have access to more health information than ever before (Du Pre, 2005, p. 315). Using a website allows patients, family members, and future residents to understand the advantages to using electronic medical records. Having more information about how their medical information is shared and accessed will provide a confidence in their care provided at the Long-term care facility. Social media

Using social media gives a worldwide audience the ability to learn about the advantages of electronic medical records in the Long-term setting. Accessibility between providers allows better care for the patient. References

Du Pre, A. (2005). 11. In Communicating about Health: Current Issues and Perspectives (2nd ed., pp. 305-337). [Adobe Digital Editions].

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