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Organizations are faced with making business decisions every day and not all are easy to resolve. Business research provides companies an opportunity to make knowledgeable decisions to remain competitive in the market place, attract and maintain talent in their workforce, as well as make a positive contribution to the organizations bottom line. The use of technology in todays’ business has proved to allow organizations to stay in better communications with their customers, remain with or ahead of their competition, and innovative in their respective fields.

Those that have not been able to embrace and keep up with the vastly changing world of technology seemingly have struggled to exist. How do companies know what technology to implement? How does that technology meet the needs of the lines of business? What impact will the new technology have to the organizations bottom line? Once the organization has identified a problem, they must then determine what steps need to be taken to find a solution. Business research is an important step to understand the options for resolution, benefits and consequences of a solution and mitigate as much risk as possible. Describe Issue

ABC Company is a public utility company with 10,000 employees and over 5 million customers. They have identified they are struggling to become more innovative as they are resource constrained and cannot keep up with the adoption of technology, nor the updates necessary on their existing systems. The technology companies are also pressuring them to upgrade their systems in order to continue to get support on their products. ABC Company also stands under constant pressure to reduce operational expenditures and adhere to strict compliancy and regulations. The primary concerns with updating their technology is how can they do so in a quicker fashion, keeping the expenses at a minimum for the company-wide update, and addressing any security risks that may arise after the update.

In doing some initial research internally, they see that a lot of companies are moving to a hosted cloud type model for their office applications, such as email and Microsoft Office. With cloud services, businesses are consuming technology as a subscription service and letting the software companies maintain their systems. The company wants to determine if this is the right solution to solve their problem. Once the system is updated they will need to find a way for all of the employees, in the office and in the field, to have the same unlimited access to the newest set of tools with the least amount of security risks to the company’s sensitive information. Significance, Scope, Magnitude, Feasibility

While making the updates to company wide software is no simple task it can be done. The amount of time and effort make it a big undertaking for any company. There are many different things that have to be considered when it comes to changing systems that your company uses everyday. The size of the project will depend on how many users the company will need, as well as considering any future growth to the organization. Some companies may have to roll the software out in different ways based on the type of workforce they employ. This can lead to major issues in some circumstances when everyone is not readily available for the update, such as field workers. ABC Company needs to have a full understanding of any security risks associated with moving sensitive data into the cloud and what features or functionality may be different than their traditional approach. Conducting research will assist the company by reviewing the current environment and the variables that exist, trends in the industry and the financial impact. All can be identified in the research to help the organization make an informed decision. Why Issue Chosen

Technology has a huge impact on how customers, employees and suppliers interact with the organization. It empowers organizations by increasing growth rate, producing higher quality products and servicing customers more efficiently and effectively. Technology enables a continued connection between departments, employees and systems within the organization. ABC Company has recognized that their current technology is not meeting their needs or the needs of their customers and employees, and requires updating. To remain competitive, ABC Company will not only need to invest in new, faster and better technology, but also stay abreast of the new developments and updates with the trends in technology. The developments and updates to technology are an ongoing task and expense with substantial risks. Choosing the right platform that will fulfill the needs, requirements and budget will take extensive research. Not all software programs or technology will match up with the needs and requirements of a company. Upgrading technology is an expensive and an ongoing endeavor for any corporation that requires extensive research prior to any decision being made. Conclusion

Business research enables organizations to make informed decisions. When it comes to technology, organizations have to carefully evaluate their current environment, understand the business’ requirements, the financial impact, and how well that technology can be adopted into their company. ABC Company is entertaining a new solution to help solve a current business challenge. Research will need to be conducted to understand the implications of a new solution and if moving to a different consumption model will improve their current inefficiencies.

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