Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Classifications of a Business Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

To explain to you what all those area’s do I will be using Tesco as an example.

Tesco is known for the food it sell and is now moving up by selling more and more every day. For example it has now started selling electronics they also offer many other

Tesco is found everywhere in the UK making them a national company


Tesco get’s its food from farms around the country side. Farms grow the food and when they are ready they sell what they have grown. For example greens and meet like cow’s sheep and many more. (The primary area produces raw materials or extracts raw materials from the earth)


The goods that have been bought from farms is then sent off to get produced to make food that is ready to eat or is ready to cook. At the factory they are prepared and packed up and ready to be sent to stores to be sold off. (The secondary area manufactures raw materials into finished products)


The packed food is then bought by Tesco and then sent to near by Tesco stores. Tesco stores the goods in its where house. Where stays until it is needed. Tesco then puts the goods on show in their stores ready for us the consumers to buy them.(this is where the finished products are sold or shared to the public)

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Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Classifications of ...

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