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Primary Source on Akbar the Great Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The Jesuit people at first were unaware of Akbar’s cruelty, “they went in with ignorance of what was about to take place.” As visitors their “ignorance was bliss” so to speak. It seemed as if the Jesuits had a general respect for Akbar and a feeling of neutrality. Once the Jesuits witnessed the wives of men who had passed on being burned on the pyres as their husbands there feeling seemed to change to a feeling of disregard for such actions.

As I previously mentioned when the Jesuits witnessed the practice of suttee they were extremely disturbed at such

a disgusting practice. Even after the Jesuits reprimanded the Kings acceptance of such a brutal act

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Akbar showed no problem with their disapproval. I was given the insight of no harsh feeling when the article said, “Zelaldinus’ kindness and favor towards the priests that he had shown no resentment…” When the Jesuits saw the profligates there were completely and utterly disgusted and complained to the King immediately. They asked him how he could allow such a disgrace continue in the kingdom. On the other hand the burning of women was a bit more shocking or appalling to them. Overall both situations were disturbing in separate ways one appeared to be more violent and the other a bit awkward and disgraceful.

I think Akbar was passive toward the interference of the situations primarily because they were his guests and he had to treat them that way as a means of common respect. Akbar quite possibly could have realized that the Jesuits were not accustom to these types of occurrences. It is not unusual for outsiders to react in this manner the Jesuits did when exposed to such crazy situations they are unfamiliar with.

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