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Principles of Health Care Management Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC


            Principles of Health Care Management lies on the general interaction between management and the clinical staff on their way to producing quality clinical health care services to the patients. This therefore needs a good coordination between long term care administration, organization in a nursing home facility (including man power, physical structures and service provision to patients) and the management integrity in that institution (Griffith et al. 2006). Since there are a lot of challenges in the giving of long-term care services to the patients, as it needs quality service and experienced clinical care to those patients who are entrusted to the doctors to improve lives and touch hearts of patients , their families and the management of the health care institution.

The best measures of clinical support services quality

            To ensure that health care organizations offer descent services to the patients, one has to measure the quality of support health care services facility. A summary of these identified definitive resource in these organizations are used to measure the ability of the management and how they apply the management tools in the welfare of the facility. This has created a need to measure organizational administration in all aspects of a healthcare deliverance organization, and this figures the hospitals’ performance in terms of how they attract the patients into the hospital for getting these clinical support services, health care service quality improvement and managing the physical plant. Hospital facilities and the clinical services depend also in the deployment of management techniques in the various activities involved in management, health service care and the qualities involved.

            A broadly revised reflection on the health care service quality developments has been reflected by the significant changes in technology and management approaches. The

first characteristic to consider is the organization’s mission, vision, and values based on built

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shared commitments among associate members. The organization managerial leaders and the entire clinical staff should use given  measures, benchmarks or a list of goal setting to make out opportunities and sustain continuous progress in the building of a culture of common respect, and homogenize every area of the organization in the entire facility. This should be reflected in all departments, for instance, from the clinical room operations up to the boardroom where the management operates from.

The other factor considered in the well being of a health facility is the level of developing, source and amount of funds received and the performance improvements of the supporting staff teams and how they are geared in the generation of new solutions to composite problems, success in the use of service lines, how effective the laid protocols are adhered to, and the real clinical treatment of the patients in attempts to improve their safety, quality of life and the effectiveness of clinical practice in the organization. Also the way the organization maintains its governance structure for the support of good strategic decisions and fulfillment of the lawful and moral duties must be considered including searching of the surroundings steadily for tactic opportunities. The organization must be able to build a solid economic establishment so that they can support any clinical health care service achievement whenever opportunities arise. Above all these characteristics, managers should show high performance in using the available resources and all the major concepts and thus be able to lead the facility to high quality service performance (Griffith and White, 2006).

When should such services be outsourced?

            The clinical support health care services have to balance the opposing effects from the external environment, and thus need for facility outsourcing is of vital importance (Griffith 2004). This is a tool for the Management to set up effective exchanges between the facility and significant agencies outside the institution for provision of services on its behalf, which the facility cannot provide to their clients/patients. Also this finds opportunities for organizations to develop forms of partnership with external agencies if the organization’s interests may be served well. The head of these health care facilities should indefatigably find progress in operational efficiency for instance the development of new regulations, policies in health care and improvising modern techniques in recompense of resources. In order to focus on the long range facility awareness to highly changing community expectations, the leadership must adjust to the anticipated clientele external environment.

Work Cited 

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John R. Griffith, FACHE, Kenneth R. White, Ph.D., FACHE (2006), The Well Managed Healthcare Organization 6th edition, Health Administration Press / ACHE Hardbound, 688 pp, ISBN 1567932584 9781567932584

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