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Principles of Safeguarding Essay Sample

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Principles of Safeguarding Essay Sample

Ci: Explain what a social care worker must do if they become aware of unsafe practice. A social care worker must report any unsafe practice to their senior or line manager using the whistle blowing policy keeping a recorded document of times, places and events of unsafe practice and any other evidence they are able to obtain. If the unsafe practice is by the line manager or senior then they must go to a higher member within the company to report unsafe practice so the unsafe practice can be resolved and safe working practice put into place and the disciplinary procedure can also be put into place.

Cii: Describe what a social care worker must do if unsafe practice is reported but nothing is done to ensure it is corrected. If a social care worker reported unsafe practice and nothing is done to correct it the social care worker needs to keep recorded documentation of the person who they reported it too, keep reporting it and keeping recorded documentation as evidence and advise the person performing unsafe practice of what they are doing wrong and work to the practice you know is best. If still nothing is done to correct the unsafe practice the social care worker can contact CQC and advise them on the unsafe practice.

Ciii: Describe THREE factors that may make individuals more vulnerable to abuse than others. Factor 1: Physical Disability – Physical Disability of any form can make individuals more vulnerable to abuse as they often are unable to speak out about who is abusing them or what type of abuse is occurring and makes them more vulnerable to abusive attacks. Factor 2: Age – Age of all types can have an effect both young and old are more vulnerable to abuse.

Old people are more vulnerable to financial abuse if they are not in control of their own finances along with physical and mental abuse. Children are vulnerable to grooming, sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse. Factor 3: Mental illness – Mental illness can make an individual more vulnerable to abuse if a person with mental health issues are abused they could see this as normal behaviour and start to abuse others. Dementia can make a individual more vulnerable to financial abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse with short term memory loss they are unable to speak out with regards to any abuse.

Civ: Explain how adopting a person centred approach which offers choices and upholds rights can empower an individual and help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. Adopting a person centered approach which offers choices and upholds rights can empower an individual by maintaining their human rights not taking choice away from them and giving them an active role within the care they receive

Cv: Explain how encouraging and promoting active participation can help reduce the likelihood of abuse. Encouraging and promoting active participation can reduce the likelihood of abuse by encouraging social interaction and building effect working relationships with clients so signs and changes in behaviour can be picked up on easily and the client if able to communicate would be able to have the skills from participation in social activities to be able to speak about any type of abuse and would also be out of any immediate dangerous situations where abuse would occur.

Cvi: Explain how an effective and easy to use complaints procedure can help to reduce the likelihood of abuse. An effective and easy to use complaints procedure can help to reduce the likelihood of abuse as it would make it easier for someone being abused or suspecting abuse to report it and complain of unsafe work practice the client would also feel like they can complain and more likely to report and complain.

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