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Introduction of TOPIC

Gap Ministries is a private agency that helps children who have been taken away from their parents and are involved with child protective services. They are a Christian based agency and have pride in what they do. The owners of the Gap Ministries has houses throughout Tucson, Arizona and each house has I would say anywhere from 5-10 children living in them, along with their staff, which they call House parents. Gap Ministries is very involved with the community and vice versa. Gap Ministries has a program of many that helps out children in their own community. Just last month they had an event down at our Tucson Convention Center, it was an event to help with things needed for kids going back to school. We have so many children that are less fortunate and don’t have the funds needed to get school supplies and whatever needed.

Gap Ministries through donations stuffed backpacks full of school supplies and handed them out. At this event they had tons booths that were giving out free stuff from different association from the community. The fire department as well as the police department was there too talking with the kids. They also had hair stylist that volunteered their time to give free haircuts to children that were going back to school. They also had free food that consisted of hotdogs, snow cones, and cotton candy. They got this program funded through donations coming from different companies in Tucson, as well as individuals donating backpacks and cash donations as well. The hairstylist volunteered their own time to be able to help out. I thought it was an awesome sight to see the whole community come together as one to help out children and their families in need.

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