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Probation and Parole Essay Sample

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Probation and Parole Essay Sample

Faculties are not required to give make-up assignments or tests. All make up request will be considered on an individual documented, medical emergency basis only. Unless otherwise agreed upon, make-ups will not be given. Academic Integrity: University of Maryland Eastern Shore is committed to providing an educational experience designed to develop professional competencies, including habits of personal and professional integrity.

The College expects all members of its community – students, faculty, and staff – to act honestly in all situations. Actions of Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. “Academic dishonesty (is any) form of cheating and plagiarism which result in students giving or receiving unauthorized assistance in an academic exercise or receiving credit for work which is not their own. “(Kibler et. al. (1988), Academic integrity and student development: Legal issues and policy perspectives, Ashville, NC: College Administration Publications, Inc., p. 1. )

All students are expected to agree to a pledge of honesty concerning their academic work, and faculty are expected to maintain the standards of that pledge. UMES POLICY ON CLASS ATTENDANCE All students are expected to attend all classes. Excessive unexcused absences for any reason may result in either a low grade or course failure. All students will be considered excessively absent from a class if they miss a class more hours during the semester or term than the class meets each week.

1. The University expects all students to take full individual responsibility for academic work and progress. They are expected to attend classes regularly, for consistent attendance offers the most effective opportunity open to all students to gain command of the concepts and materials of their courses of study. Absences (whether excused or unexcused) do not alter what is expected of students qualitatively and quantitatively.

2. The University will excuse the absences of students that result from instances such as: illness (where the student is too ill to attend class), death in the immediate family*, religious observance (where the nature of the observance prevents the student from being present during the class period), participation in University activities at the request of University authorities, and compelling circumstances beyond the student’s control. Students requesting excused absences must furnish acceptable documentation to their course instructors to support their assertion that absences were the result of one of these causes.

However, the nature of some courses will preclude makeup of assessments missed. In these cases, students will not be penalized for excused absences; grades will be completed on actual assessment as explained in the course’s syllabus. Otherwise, students with excused absences will be given an opportunity to make up missed assessments. The responsibility for granting excused absences and determining which assessments can be made up lies with the instructor of each individual course. Absences (whether excused or unexcused) do not relieve the students of their responsibility to complete the course assessments.

3. Students must notify their instructors of the reason of any absence as soon as possible. Where the reason for an absence from a scheduled assessment is known in advance (for example, in cases of religious observance or participation in University activities at the request of University authorities), students must inform their instructors two weeks prior to the absence, if known that far in advance or immediately upon discovering the impending absence.

Prior notification is particularly important in connection with examinations and other major assessments since failure to reschedule them before conclusion of the final examination period may result in loss of credits during the semester. Where the reason is not known in advance (for example, in cases of health related emergencies or compelling circumstance beyond their control), students must inform their instructors as soon as possible after its development.

Family members are defined as being one or more of the following persons: Father, stepfather, grandfather or legal guardian. Mother, stepmother, grandmother. Sister, brother, stepsister, stepbrother. Any person living as n integral member of a student’s home. Students with Disabilities: In accordance with university policy, if you have a documented disability and require accommodations to obtain equal access in this course, please contact me at the beginning of the semester or when given an assignment for which an accommodation is required.

Students with disabilities must verify their eligibility through the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) in the Student Services Center. Student/Faculty Conduct: Student and Faculty behavior at UMES University is governed by the guidelines set forth in the “Student Affairs Information Bulletin: Digest of Rules and Regulations” and the Faculty Code of Professional Ethics. Students and faculty are expected to conduct themselves professionally and to treat all members of the campus with respect.

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