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Probation is a court ordered sanction being served by the person while under supervision in the community. Community programs are used to help retain control over criminals and to help rehabilitate them. Parole is the supervised early release of an inmate who has been imprisoned before the end of their sentence. Parole is an administrative decision by a legally designed parole get authority. Here are some differences between probation and parole. Probation is sentencing option ordered by a judge and the defendant must agree to abide by court mandated conditions. If the defendant violates the conditions of probation that can lead to the probation being revoked. General conditions require the defendant to obey all laws, retain and remain employed, do not possess firearms, plus the probation officer can visit your home or work. Fines are required and must be paid to the courts to reimburse victims for damages and lawyers fees.

Federal probation officers are federal law enforcement officers also. They have the authority to arrest and detain individuals suspected or convicted of federal offenses; they may also arrest individuals on probation for violation of conditions of probation. Federal officers are encouraged to get an arrest warrant and let the U. S. Marshals execute the warrant. Parole has the parole board that grants parole based on their judgement and assessment, their decisions are termed discretionary parole. There are several different parole release options. Discretionary release decided by a parole board or other authorities when inmate is released from prison on supervision. Medical parole when an inmate with serious physical or mental health condition is released early from prison.

Mandatory release determined by statute or sentencing guidelines not by a parole board or other authority. Parole conditions are to not leave the state, obey extradition requests, report to parole office, and allow visits to their home and place of business. With anything, you have pluses and minuses probation and parole are no different. Probation meets the needs of offenders who require supervision instead of imprisonment to keep a degree of security to the community. Parole is the reentry program that is similar to probation for offenders released from prison. The advantages of probation and parole instead of imprisonment are lower cost, increased employment, restitution.

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