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Religion is important in the lives of many women who look to it for sustenance, community, inspiration, and guidance in their daily lives. Women also seek in religion a purpose larger than themselves and the opportunity to put their faith into action and work for a better world. For women whose lives are often fragmented and harried, religious communities provide a place where stresses can be unburdened and joys shared—where they can step back from the fray, connect with God and others, and prepare to re-enter the world (The Challenge of Faith Bringing spiritual sustenance to busy lives

By Kimberly Morgan and Sally Steenland

By Kimberly Morgan and Sally Steenland
[I wish church leaders could] spend a day with a typical working mom, single mother, or caregiver to see the stresses of women’s jobs.1 [I’d love to] change the perception that a working woman is less of a mother and that her family suffers because she works.2 It’s a fallacy to think women can do it all. Women can do what they’re called to do.3 BY SAFIYAH YUFENU

The challenges faced by working Muslim women

It is well established that Allaah allows women to make choices in regards to balancing responsibilities within and outside of the home. Muslim women choose to work outside of the home for various reasons. Some want to supplement the income of their husbands in order to achieve higher living standards. Others want to establish college and other educational savings for their children. Apart from a few career-oriented women, a large majority of women work because they have to. Like other women who work, Muslim women have the primary responsibility of tending to the needs of their homes and families in addition to maintaining their careers. However, working outside of the home poses a number of challenges for Muslim women.

The challenges exist not only because believers are in a day-to-day struggle to please Allaah but because nearly everything in non-Muslim societies is in direct conflict with the Islamic way of life. Muslim women must constantly guard against pressures to engage in social norms that contradict Muslim’s way of life. Muslim women who work experience a great test in their faith. There are many struggles in today’s work environment that make it very hard to balance Islamic principles and practices with those of West’s work culture. This article will examine working Muslim women’s challenges with regard to Hijaab, Muslim communication at work, the obligations and requirements of the Prayer, the obligations and requirements of Halaal dieting (Islamic dietary code that tells what foods are allowed for consumption), work relationships with non-Muslims, Islamic etiquette at work, and business ethics.

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