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Procedure Spot Speed Traffic Engineering Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

1. We have identified a perfect spot for doing this field work. We have chosen in front of the bus stop at Polytechnics heading to Slim River.

2. We decided to do at there because it situated far away from road shoulder so it easy and safe for us to observe and captured the time elapsed.

3.2Setting up study length

1. We chose 54 m of study length because the traffic stream average speed in front of Polytechnics Sultan Azlan Shah is 60km/h.

2. We used cone as a marker so it will easy to capture the speed limit when the vehicles pass by the marker.

3. Three of our group members were assigned to measure and put the cone at the road.

3.3 Collection of data

1. All of our group members were assigned a different role in this field work.

2. Th

ere are two observers, two data collector, two stop watchers and another person was assigned to take

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a picture of this field work.

3. We have divided into three persons per team. The first team was assigned to take the time elapsed from the north bound direction and another team was assigned to take the time elapsed from the south bound direction.

4. The first observer from the first team was used the technic of waving hand to the first stop watcher to give the signal of vehicles passing by the
first marker. The first stop watcher starts to take the time until the vehicle passing the second marker. The time was then stopped.

5. The first data collector start to collecting the time elapsed of the vehicles.

6. The second team was assigned to take the time elapsed from the north bound direction. The second observer was used the technic of blowing the whistle to the second stop watcher to give signal once the car passing by the first marker.

7. The second stop watcher started to take the time elapsed until the vehicle passing the second marker. The time was taken and was tabulated in the data form by the data collector.

8. The procedure was repeated until the number of vehicles passing by the marker up to 100 per direction.

9. Once the we have captured the time elapsed, we can calculate the speed limit of the vehicles by using the formula ;

V = L / T

Where; L – length (metre)

T – Time elapsed (second)

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